Throughout the years many artists have released powerful and mood changing tracks, giving people a boost in confidence! Olivia Holt just released “Phoenix” and it’s the perfect summer anthem for people of all ages.

Humans are often compared to animals to describe empowering characteristics and abilities. Songs of this nature include Katy Perry‘s “Roar” where she takes a lion’s roar and a butterfly to express freedom. Also, take Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” which to this day remains one of the most powerful anthems. Could Olivia Holt’s single be this generation’s “Eye Of The Tiger”?

Los Angels CA ,

Although it’s two completely different songs and genres, the feel good imprint is still there. Making her message relatable and uplifting, this pop infused song is sure to be everywhere!

Los Angels CA ,

Take note of the soft breakdown “you got the heart, you got the heart, you got the….”  leading up to a strong chorus repetition towards the end. You’ll want to song along!

By Monica Soriano , Photo by Rachid Aitpinkblack