Located in London’s historic diamond district, Olivia Grace has built a reputation for making pieces that give you a unique experience of bespoke jewellery from precious stones and fine metals, timeless work of art that can be passed from one generation to another.

We spoke to the owner of the brand, Helena Lappin who has been in the jewellery industry for over 20 years and is now on a mission to form a world class jewellery brand built on the finest British craftsmanship.

Spy News Magazine: Tell us a bit about yourself, about your professional path?

Helena Lappin: After getting a Business Degree, I worked for a diamond merchant for many years, learning everything I possibly could about the industry and the stones themselves. 18 years on, I felt my knowledge was thorough enough for me to strike out on my own as a trader in diamonds and precious stones.

I started making rings for friends who were getting married, which led me to also work with some celebrities such as Rod Stewart, Penny Lancaster, and other VIPs at the Baftas but to name a few. Along the way, I became convinced that the future of the diamond industry in this country was in marrying diamonds and fashion and creating beautiful branded jewellery, hence the creation of my own brand.

Spy News Magazine:  What inspired the name, Olivia Grace?

Helena Lappin: I thought long and hard about my brand’s name. I knew that the name of a business is everything, and so, like a beautiful English rose, Olivia Grace was born. I felt that it sounded quite refined!

Spy News Magazine:  What drew you into jewellery, and more specifically, diamonds?

Helena Lappin: I was interested in beauty and fashion from a very young age, always designing clothes for my dolls. I also loved reading about all the glamorous movie stars and I became obsessed with studying the jewellery worn in films by people like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Diamonds bring jewellery to life with their beauty and brilliance. I just felt that diamonds brought, not only femininity but a majestic sparkle to each and every one of my designs.

Spy News Magazine:  What is the creative inspiration for your pieces?

Helena Lappin: The inspiration for my collections comes from the colours in nature and my travels. For example, my Trillion Collection was inspired by my own spiritual journey that explored the inner strengths of femininity.

Spy News Magazine:  What type of a woman is Olivia Grace?

Helena Lappin: I like to think that Olivia Grace London is for the lady who loves to feel glamorous and is passionate about their jewellery and how they wear it.

Spy News Magazine: How do you want your clients to feel when they wear your pieces?

Helena Lappin:  I’d love for anyone who wears my jewellery to feel fabulous. I put my passion into every creation – I hope that people enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy designing them.

Spy News Magazine: What are investment opportunities in high-end jewellery? What advice will you give someone who wants to go into high-end jewellery?

Helena Lappin: Be bold with your design and never, ever compromise on quality.

Spy News Magazine: Where do you want to see the brand in two years?

Helena Lappin: In 2 years, I’d love to be stocked at Liberty London, the V&A Museum and maybe even Harrods!

Spy News Magazine: Do you have a jewellery philosophy? How do you like to wear your favourite pieces?

Helena Lappin: I wear my favourite pieces to often match the colours of my outfits. Today I’m wearing a long, dark blue, silk dress so I’ve paired my large Venezia sapphire cocktail ring with it. I tend to layer my necklaces and bracelets and wear my smaller coloured Venezia rings stacked together.

Spy News Magazine: What is the most treasured item in your personal jewellery collection?

Helena Lappin: My most treasured possession is a 25 carat Aqua Cocktail and diamond ring, and a pink sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet, both of which are hypnotising when they sparkle!



By Anderson Azugbene