Milan Fashion week has become a platform fo major changes for this S/S 16 Collections.  The new spirit of ETRO was not an exception. Starting from the Fashion show set: spacious, misterious, country house 19th century style,  with its old style mirrors, soft lights and classical violin soundtrack. The most romantic dresses started to make a real statement. It has become obvious that ETRO girl will be absolutely romantic, sweet, old school lady from the Lev Tolstoy novel: long chiffon dresses in small flower prints, vintage looking gilets, flat shoes – that afternoon we saw a young pretty lady from the countryside of the 19th century, a Kandinskiy image, a beautiful innocent creauture! Definately different image from the classical ETRO style, but absolutely lovely and contemporary looking!

For Spring, Veronica Etro plants her collection in a secret garden where the lineage of rich cultures freely mingle and intertwine to from new creations. Drawing upon the bohemian craft found in the South France, and the exquisite workmanship in antique clothing from the Eastern Europe , the collection scatters fresh seeds, blooming a springtime playground that pulses with new folk florals and carefree, feminine allure.

Pattern this season is layered and multi-dimensional. Metro’s signature Paisley blossoms into florals. Scattered potpourri prints, printed ribbon stripes and floral paisley borders melt into more blooms, creating collages of inventive pattern. The colour palette moves from ivory to muted pinks, apricot, mauve, to taupe, black, midnight blue and prune printed silk.

Photo Credit: Olesya Okuneva