Hana Sirco is a fashion designer from Sarajevo, Bosnia, a city that went to war from 1992-1996 for their independence. We had a chance to meet the designer during Emerging Talents Press Day in Milan organised by Tariel Bisharian Showroom in December and talk about her career  as fashion designer.

Spy News Magazine:  We do not know much about fashion scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tell us more about yourself, and life in Sarajevo.

Hana Sirco:  Sarajevo is not a common city known for fashion. Since the market is a problem it makes it difficult to build a fashion scene in the city. Bosnia and Herzegovina has great designers, but we as designers go to other foreign countries to make our name known in the fashion scene. However, in the last couple years the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival has started to make a name in the city because it is globally connected to other fashion  festivals slowly building the fashion scene in Sarajevo.

Spy News Magazine: Who inspired you to choose fashion as your professional path?

Hana Sirco: As a kid I use to draw all the time and I continue my passion for drawing up to today. I have won many awards for my paintings and won an award at 8 years old just after the war having me be the youngest competitor in the competition.

Towards the end of primary school I recognized that I saw that I was enjoying fashion and started drawing and designing my own clothes. I would read fashion magazines and slowly build my collection over the years. Through my fashion career I had mentor Mirjana Deak lead be through the beginning of my career, which has brought me to my success as a fashion designer now.

Spy News Magazine: How would you describe you working process? Where the ideas are coming from? And how do you get unstuck creatively?

Hana Sirco:  I can’t  really describe my working process. Inspiration is everywhere, but it is when I am not searching for it is when it finds me. There is a moment I am able to see something and know that is it. After that hundreds of ideas start flooding my creativity.

Just like every fashion designer we have moments where we get stuck creatively. If that happens I leave it for a while, whether it is a few hours or a few days, and the inspiration finds me. I’ve learned that when you force something it will only get worse and never get netter. So leaving it for a few hours or days, it will eventually sort itself out.

Spy News Magazine:  What was the inspiration of your first collection? What is your favourite piece?

Hana Sirco:  My first collection was designed for people with disabilities. It was a challenging collection to design because I had to think of how to solve the problems they were having with clothes. I wanted to find a way to make it easier for them to dress and be comfortable to wear. I made this collection with specific details down to the stitches. The coats and shirts are shorter on the back to fit the length of the sitting line. It was inspired by the 1920’s.

Spy News Magazine:  I know you have already presented your first collection during Milan Fashion Week. How was it so far? Can you share your memories?

Hana Sirco:  It was a great experience! It has always been my dream to present at Milano Fashion Week! I had the opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of unique individuals in the fashion industry. The most rewarding thing was to hear the applause that was given by the audience because it showed me that they really liked my collection.

Spy News Magazine: Tell me about time when a client didn’t like your work? Did it happen to you before? I believe things like this might happen in your carrier (hopefully not). How do you fight your fears in industry that can be pretty much cruel.

Hana Sirco:  I have not had a client not like my work before. The people that are my clients know my work and style, so cases where they may not like my work does not happen. For me, quality is very important, from the materials down to the sewing.

Yes, it is a very cruel in the world of fashion and some may find it difficult to find their place, but when you fight and learn, in the end all the hard work pays off.

Spy News Magazine:  Who is your role model?

Hana Sirco: My role models are the women who do not give up. They are fearless and fight for what they want, stand up no matter what especially in the most difficult times.

Spy News Magazine:  Advertising is something emerging designers tend to dismiss. What tool do you use to promote yourself and advertise your collection?

Hana Sirco: To advertise I use myself .  I use my opportunity when I go to events to meet potential clients or people that will support my work. That is where I can show them my work and makes the relationship I build with them even more valuable. After the connections are made, the media naturally follows itself. Between being persistent, being a communicative person and presenting yourself in the best way, you get the best results in maximizing your fashion career.

Spy News Magazine: Can you describe a woman who wear “H” brand? What does she has on her mind when choose a perfect outfit for the day?

Hana Sirco:  The perfect woman to wear the “H” brand knows exactly what she wants. She is fearless, ready for obstacles, confident, strong and yet feminine. She looks sexy, elegant and strong.

Spy News Magazine: Where do you see yourself in 2 years? Do you want to continue developing your brand in Sarajevo or do you think of moving to a bigger city, lets say Milan or Paris?

Hana Sirco:  Honestly, I don’t know how things will evaluate, but for a start I am planning on opening a studio in Sarajevo. I would like to collaborate with foreign companies outside of Sarajevo. Since the market is so small in Sarajevo, most opportunities lead to foreign countries anyways, which open up a whole new set of new challenges every time.

I have a brand new product called the “Smart Bag” that I presented during Emerging Talents Press Day in Milan. It has an electronic component to it that the everyday woman needs. When you open the bag the light automatically turns on. It will have WiFi capability, a batter charger, and more. The “Smart Bag” also has a signal that protects your personal information on the bank cards. I a working with my team on upgrading the bad to where it will soon have new technical options.

By Christopher De La Cruz