Boys Boys Boys: Lets rave and release. Reach into the afterglow for a brighter tomorrow. 

Live teenage dreams under the black lightL where what is personal, becomes universal. Acid clouds and pixel roses summon beastie boys and pet shop boys. MTV generation meets a digital distortion. Crowdsourcing meets crowdsurfing.

Primary and pastel: colors trip across vermillion, cobalt, emerald, to buttercup yellow, safety orange, and candy pink.

Identities reappear as eras collide- vichy check cottons cross Prince of Wales wool, pinstriped nylon faces athletic stripped knits. The silhouette inflates from skinny to supersized. Boxy tees are layered sheer and opaque. print on print, slashed with sequins or distorted argyle. Sweaters zip at mock cycler’s neck or split from stripe to cable knit.

Ruched jogging pants, pullovers, and flyaway nylon parkas blossom with digital prints. Stonewashed bleach denim and long flared trousers pool over destroyed sneakers, weathered beyond belief. Like the D-ring carabiners, lanyards, bumbags sports socks and techno sandals, they are instant dance floor relics.


Photo: The Courtesy of MSGMpinkblack