Morphoo is an Italian creative fashion brand startup based in London that is dedicated to inspiring youth to be different, creative and have fun with fashion. The hoodie business benefits from utility and design patents. Alberto Pinna, cofounder of Morphoo, lives in London where he has just finished his marketing master’s at ESCP Europe business school.

The name of the brand is inspired by the Morpho butterfly, from which the hoodie borrows many elements of its design. The Morpho butterfly can come in several different colours or combinations of colours. When you look at the butterfly under the microscope it looks like different cells and different colours are separated by zippers –company’s main design feature. Morpho butterflies colours change depending on its environment.  Hoodie wearers will also be able to adapt to their surroundings.

The world’s most editable clothing range is on its way. Italian entrepreneur Alberto Pinna has announced the release of his long awaited clothing brand. Morphoo is an incredible nine-part hoodie that lets the wearer create hundreds of different style combinations and even remove parts or add parts according to the weather.

The garment is divided into nine parts which are united by eight invisible zippers. To make for a more streamlined design the zips have no pullers. Instead each hoodie comes with a keyring with a puller attached. This design allows users to easily zip and unzip individual parts of the hoodie whenever and wherever they please.


The puller simply clips on and off from each zip whenever the user needs it. The hoodie is divided into nine parts, meaning it is possible to create hundreds of colour, fabric and design combinations. This is the first time in the fashion industry that it has been possible to create a garment made from several fabrics including cotton, polyester and leather.

This means the user has the chance to dress differently and uniquely every day, a design feature that makes this garment ideal for youths. With just three hoodies it is possible to create hundreds of combinations. It is also possible to customise your daywear by swapping with friends and in the future you will be able to customise your hoodie online before ordering.

Alberto said:  “This hoodie is better than any other in the market. With this hoodie you can be stylish and practical at the same time. You can wear it to keep warm but at the same time you can wear it to stay cool. You can wear the same hoodie to both exercise and party.”