Melbourne has often been described as the coffee capital of the world and is known for its abundance of specialty coffee shops.  The team behind Proving Grounds chose South Yarra as they felt like this particular area of Melbourne was still lacking in terms of good coffee.  At Proving Grounds, they are passionate about specialty coffee as well as good seasonal food.

This is a young, four month old, café which is still proving its grounds in a vibrant South Yarra district, but it’s having a good start.  Like all the best places in Melbourne, the café is a little hidden, on a small side street off of the hustle and bustle of Toorak road.

Proving grounds feels like an easy-going neighborhood cafe where they know customers by name and their regular food & coffee orders. The cafe serves a crowd pleasing house blend, as well as guest coffees from different roasters around Melbourne and Australia.

The food is simple, honest and seasonal.  The menu undergoes a few changes every couple of months, and includes the classic Australian avocado smash, baked eggs, omelettes, as well as sous-vide 63 degree eggs which are slow cooked for an hour to achieve the best balance of texture and flavour. Definitely a place you’d want to check out if you are looking for a nice spot for breakfast in Melbourne.

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Photo credit: The Hungry Excavator