The exibition Art Mode Design, esthétique du monde aquatique  takes place at the Tropical Aquarium at the Palace de la Porte Dorée in Paris. The underwater world, its inhabitants, its features, its meanings are the starting point of the artistic research of various artists displaying their sculptures, garments, multimedia installations, paintings and other artworks.

2Within this exhibition, IED – Istituto Europeo di Design presents MIRROR a coral project in which Fashion, Design and Visual Arts meet and talk with each other. IED Professors and Alumni are called to express their creativity in their own field, proposing theior interpretation of the underwater world. The room will be shared with the international photographer Zena Holloway, and will transport visitors in a totalizing underwater experience.

4Andrea Forges Davanzati, IED professor, artist and designer disciple of Bruno Munari presents ACQUACCIAIO where steel reflections are used to give life to microscopic beings that, magnified in size, become abstract sculptures, mobile and immobile at the same time.



Alla Polozenko and Guido Rizzone, IED Alumni, present BREATH a multimedia installation which gives form, sound and image to the polymorphism of water and its liquid breath. Both designers explore the strength and the power of flux, the surface light effects and the interactions between different liquids, giving life to an installation that meets fashion, video and sound design taking visitors in a underwater experience.




The Exhibition will be opened to public till June 12th.  Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Dorée – 293 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France