Located in the middle of Downtown LA Miro Restaurant is one of the many new restaurants that came up here in Los Angeles. With a menu full of delicious food, cocktails and desserts Miro recently opened this year and has quickly became a huge favorite for locals and tourists that come to LA.

The industrialized restaurant is mixed with a modern twist giving this restaurant a one of a kind experience to those who come in. What makes them so great is the consistent change in menu. They pride themselves in their unique menu and giving their clients a different experience every time.

Not only does this restaurant have 2 bars, but it has a secret hidden whiskey lounge under the restaurant where you can try and taste some of the rarest whiskies and once they are out, they are out. The staff at Miro restaurant is spectacular and well educated on their menu, which is amazing with their consistent change in the menu.

They make every effort in making sure all ingredients are fresh and locally grown. When you taste the food you quickly can tell the different in their food compared to other restaurants. You have the undeniable aroma flowing through your nose, the seduction of the food teasing you on the plate and when you place that first bite in your mouth, it is nothing like no other. A bite where you cannot help, but actually close your eyes and really enjoy that bite.

You really can’t help but love Miro. Being such a unique restaurant with a hidden whiskey bar below this is not your average restaurant you will come by. It’s the restaurant you will come by to have an experience and lasting memory. A place to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. It is your foodies dream where they can’t help but keep coming back over and over because there will be a new dish they haven’t tried from the last time.

So if you are ever looking for a great restaurant to eat at and try in Downtown be sure to have Miro restaurant on your list. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


by Christopher Dela Cruz