Strap attached to the head, wire plugged in, and we are now a living scientific experiment…well sort of. Unlike the movie where you see the characters place a chip behind their ear to ultimately have their mind in a universal database, Tim Mullen and team Qusp is not building an actual science experiment to do that. Although it may be awesome at some point the film is a fiction movie.

Mind Gamers is your next suspenseful movie, but takes you to the next level of being a mind trip. The characters in the movie place a chip behind their ear where they find their brain uploaded into a universal database where they are able to be in another person’s body. What they ultimately experience is beyond what the mind can handle and imagine.

We were given exclusive access to try out the scientific experimental head bands that Tim Mullen and his science team are studying. The relations of the actual experiment compared to the one done in the movie may seem similar, but definitely not the case. Tim and his team did not advise filmmakers during the production of the film nor did they have anything to do with the content in the movie, nor is their experiment being alluded to in the film itself. The experiment is wholly separate.

This movie is going to have you thinking A LOT to say the least and although it is a fiction movie the territory of science and mind swapping is very fascinating. This movie immediately captures your attention from the beginning and from start to finish there are a lot of moments of shock.

With the headbands strapped to our head it was a surreal experience where you almost felt like you were part of the movie and at one moment about to find your mind uploaded into the universal database. To follow the motions of the brain and the brain activity to the movie I think is a genius way to really help not only the science experiment, but a way to know what scenes people find moe interesting and how it effects each person.

When we sat down with some of the actors of the movie and what is really cool knowing their training of parkour they had to endure to be able to handle the stunts they perform in the movie. It was interesting hearing about the process they had to go through with the movie and learning about the actual experiment that is being held.

Although most of the actors did not have knowledge in the full science experiment the process was what really made the movie experience and making more authentic.

Being able to see the evolution of how science is going to start integrating itself with the movie going experience is going to be phenomenal in the future.

by Christopher Dela Cruz