Spectacles play an essential role in our lives and as such they need to be practical and adapt to our lifestyle and needs without compromise.

“Only those that have the courage to experiment with their intuitions that are a result of our everyday needs then create real change”. Filippo Pagliacci, MOVITRA President and Co-founder.

The concept behind MOVITRA, as well as its production, is entirely “Made in Italy”.



MOVITRA has chosen Italy’s industry leaders both for frame, cellulose acetate sheets, and for the production of the mechanism that allows the rotation of the frame. The lenses, supplied by Carl Zeiss Vision, are also manufactured in Italy.

The revolutionary idea behind MOVITRA is the invention of different solutions  that allow the rotation of the frame so that the lenses are protected from scratches and impacts on both sides by overlapping the temples.


MOVITRA embodies innovation, technology and design all in one. It is for this reason that the first of these unique solutions has been applied and introduced to the market through three exclusive models: MOVITRA 115, MOVITRA 215 and MOVITRA 315. The first model has a very bold look and has been designed for those that pay attention to subtle details. MOVITRA 215 is targeted to those that prefer a more eclectic and daring look. MOVITRA 315 embodies a more elegant and “metropolitan” lifestyle.

These three models are offered in 8 different colors each. MOVITRA is targeted to customers very fashion oriented, but also very sensible to quality and detail. The retail price varies according to the model and the material used for the frame, between €235 and €255. This positions MOVITRA in the medium-high bracket of the spectacle industry.