The Chinese actress Liu Yifiei, who is also ambassador of Dior Prestige skincare in China, ascended the steps at Cannes in a sumptuous flower-embroidered, strapless white Dior dress, made just for her.

The Dior ateliers, a few steps from 30 Avenue Montaigne, is where Liu Yifei’s dress first saw the light of day. In order to make it, the seamstresses closely followed the sketch like a detailed road map: with a few pencil strokes and touches of color, the line of the dress is defined, along with the movement of its train and floral motifs.

Dior_L.Yifei_Img5With this sketch as a starting point, the petites mains can produce the toile through which they note all the indications necessary for the making of the dress, from the bust lines to the volume at the hips, which will be accentuated by an underskirt of faille, tulle and horsehair, not forgetting the placement of the embroideries, represented by pieces of paper pinned to the toile.

Once this has all been finalized and validated, the petites mains cut, tack and sew the ecru faille fabric until they arrive at a preliminary version of the dress, which is then taken to China to be tried on by Liu Yifei. This moment, taking place on the other side of the globe, marks the first meeting between actress and dress.

The star then gives her impressions, her measurements are carefully noted to ensure that the fabric molds her figure flawlessly, and the dress makes its way back to Paris where it will be used as the model for the real dress the actress will wear on the red carpet. The petites mains will make this from fabric that has already been embroidered with the floral motifs.


On the light-colored faille, cotton ribbons topped with pale pink frayed organza are shaped into corollas, while the stems and leaves are traced out in flat metal sequins, crystal bugle beads and silver thread. The overall effect acts as a subtle nod to the delicacy of the Granville roses used in Dior Prestige skincare, of which Liu Yifei is the gorgeous ambassador.


Photo The Courtesy of Dior pinkblack