It was Luis Barragan who claimed that space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.  Halaby subscribes to this view but believes that these elements alone are not enough, a keen eye for details and divine craftsmanship are what brings all these elements together. Like Barragan, Halaby has always provided a geometric touch to all his work.  His architectural background,  his passion for buildings in all their shapes forms and sizes is a constant inspiration for his bags.


“Harmonious shapes and lines are a must in my life, they give me a sense of peace, and a sense of beauty.  I cannot bear to think of a bag without a definite shape, without clean lines.  It would be like looking at some of those horrific buildings built on the outskirts of many european cities to contain ‘ workers’ during the late 60s and 70s, they might be functional, but they are static and soulless. They only provide a sense of despair and abandonment, whilst a building should provide pleasure, serenity and also functionality. I am convinced that all these elements can co-exist in any geometric shape, and with every bag I create, I aim to prove my point”.


His point is nowhere to be proven more than with the latest creations to join the likes of ‘Andrea’ and Charlotte (launched in Paris in January):  The Leonardo  with all the square shapes of Barragan’s architecture  takes a step further with the addition of exquisite florentine hand-stitched selleria mastery. The Jasmine combines the Barragan architectural inspiration through its pockets.


Halaby’s relationship with Barragan and Mexico is carried with his choice of colour.  A winter spent in Mexico was the spark that set all Halaby’s creative juices in motion. Halaby spent 3 months working closely with the tanneries and craftsmen to come up with yellows, reds, greens and pinks which magically transport us to the warmth and vibrancy of Mexico.  Halaby choses to add to this new laminated calfskin leather and printed python to give the ‘rough wall’ effect which is so typical of the mexican haciendas.

It was not just the buildings which affected Halaby.

“I desperately wanted to include those magnificent traditional mexican dresses and skirts into my collection, a work of art and symmetry in themselves if I may say so – .  I feel this was accomplished through the Jasmine which reminds us of a beautiful budding mexican flower, full of colour, full of harmony as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  A pleasure to all the senses”.

Stay tuned! Interview with the creator is coming up soon.