It was 1906, when Wilhelm Conze acquire Deumer, then a manufacture for lapel pins and medals. He had spent several years in London, from  where he brought back his passion  for cufflinks and other premium accessories. He took pride in yearly new temporary collections of cufflinks and matching money -and tie-clips.

Today, Johan Conze and Friedrich Assmann represent the 5th Generation. Building on the company’s unique history and expertise, they continue to develop and manufacture tieless classic cufflink designs for todays gentleman.


Striving to perfect craftsmanship and honoring the wearer’s individuality as opposed to a low-priced mass production controlled by the ever changing trend and fashion. Sustainability defined as standing the test of time  and generations.


These are the corporate values, that have made us manufacture cufflinks and other small accessories in Sterling silver and other precious metals for than 150 years. Previous quality, elegant, timeless are the attributes of design of Deumer’s collections.


Massive precious metal, frequently combined with vitreous enamels or gemstones are the materials we use. All their products are handmade in workshops in Lüdenscheid in the region Sauerland in Southern Westphalia. Handmade by  Deumer represents perfect craftmantship, made to last for generations for the sophisticated gentleman and lady.