Have you already heard about the brand OCCHIO? The brand with Italian name is very famous in its country. The roots of brand goes to small Armenia. OCCHIO is specialized in handmade works. You can order clothes with your desired hand-painted pictures which, thanks to special paints, will serve you for a long time.

OCHHIO always find challenging to bring to reality even very crazy ideas of its customers stating that it is only pleasure to discuss the details of T-shirt or jacket with its future owner so that “the future member of their wardrobe” will be close to them. 

The works of OCCHIO may be of taste of nearly every one. You can always find colors close to your heart in the works varying from abstract silhouettes to the pictures of famous artists or motives of “naksh”, the Armenian traditional ornaments…. The colors of Armenian lines will take you to historical Armenia even if you have never been there before. From time to time OCCHIO organizes exhibitions for handmade works lovers.  You can review the history of brand through the works presented below and become one of OCCHIO works owners.

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