Sun beaming down on my skin laying poolside surrounded by trees, now this is what I call a vacation. This hotel provides an unforgettable experience to each guest that comes in the city. The first thing that comes to mind is an island resort. Hotel Bel Air has always been the hotel everyone hears about in Los Angeles, but has never been seen. Of course that is unless you are one of the very few elite that get the privilege in going. Located in the middle of the city you cannot see this hotel from the street. It is in the middle of a residential area and if you drive to quickly, you will pass the hotel. Being lucky enough to spend a night at Hotel Bel Air and you will wish the experience never ended.

Hotel Bel Air 5

Upon arrival to the valet at this marvelous resort you have a line of gentlemen standing waiting to get your bags, open your door and greet you to the hotel. The luxury advantage you get about this greeting is the only work you have to do is drive up to the valet and the rest will be taken care of. Being told that your bags will be taken care of for you is the complete feeling of gratification.

Hotel Air 3


After checking into the hotel you quickly forget that you are in the infamous Los Angeles and get the feeling of being inside not only a 5star, but also a 10 star exclusive resort. All of the rooms at the resort are all suites regardless you are getting the “basic” room or the presidential luxury suite. Walking down the halls of the hotel you cannot help but appreciate the architecture of the place. The design of luxury of the hotel is exquisite. Then comes the time to enter the room.

Hotel Bel Air 7

As the card key gets put in to enter the room images start to flow through the head thinking about what lies on the other side of the door. Knowing the hotel it is you can just start to imagine what dream you are about to walk in and it was everything you can ever imagine plus more. It was as if heaven were a suite that is what you would have walked into. You walk into the living room where delicately placed on the coffee table is a dessert platter of macaroons, chocolate and small bite size desserts for your stay. Of course from the living room are double doors that lead to an outdoor patio. As you continue to walk through the suite you walk into the bedroom where you see another set of double doors that lead you out to another out door patio. The king size bed all set and ready for you to break in.

Hotel Bel Air 6

Continue through the suite you walk into a small hall where little do you know that it is the closet. White marble floor leading the flow into the gorgeous bathroom. Now this bathroom is nothing like anyone has ever been in before. Not only is the bathroom operated with high tech technology the whole suite is. From the TV, Lights, Curtains, Phone, the whole suite operated by an IPad.

bel air 4

In addition there is nothing greater than a toilet that you don’t have to touch that includes a washer and dryer for your behind with the additional seat warmers for your bum. Take it to the next morning, it is unbelievable how well rested you will wake up. Body fully relaxed mind at peace and after a night there you forget when you had sleep so amazing that you woke up so well rested.

Hotel Bel Air 9

Hotel Bel Air 2

Starting off the day you freshen up and get ready it is time for the pool. Pure relaxation. You are greeted by a pool boy where he will set your pool bed for you and retrieve anything you need whether it is water, sun block and even your food order. You literally do not have to get off your day bed and interrupt your tanning session. As you continue to wine down the experience at this amazing hotel, you cannot help but feel a bit sad because you do not want this experience to end.

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Loving every moment of it and you know you could not have asked for anything better. As check out time started to approach we get a call from the concierge reminding us and asking if we need assistance with our bags. Having the assistance with the luggage is always a must when traveling and to get the luxury to try this was amazing. All that was needed was to check out and be on my merry way. The Hotel Bel Air is a pure luxury hotel that you must stay at which would be described as: Luxury. Posh. Sophisticated.


Christopher Dela Cruz