Pack your bags, it’s time to head to France. Pour yourself a delicious glass of Red Wine and relax. Le Vallauris was everything you expect it to be and more. From the service, the food and overall ambience of the restaurant it really takes you into another world of fine dining.

You are guaranteed you wont need your reading glasses to read their menu. They present their food menu on a large board hand written that is updated daily based on the fresh produce that come in everyday. This alone makes this restraint stand out from many other French restaurants.

Every bite from their menu is perfection in every way. From the presentation down to the last bite on template. It takes you on a journey like no one else can experience. Le Vallauris is a forte for locals and tourists that come and visit.

The owners and partners Omar and Paul they were able to really give us insight on how it all started and how they do not plan on expanding. So if you want to witness this beautiful restaurant, then you will have to be okay with traveling to the sunny Palm Springs to try it first hand.

Omar and Paul are from France and both have lived in the states for many years. They have successfully created an experience you will never forget. Unlike other restaurants where you go and just eat, they have created the a restaurant experience catered for everyone.

The sophistication of all their dishes is quite mind blowing and like no other French restaurant out there. Le Vallauris, a place to have a private party, take a date, or even get fancy with your family where you will really feel like you are in France. Be sure to make your reservation and plan on being there overnight because after drinking a bottle of wine and eating dinner, you will be put into a food coma and because there is only one of its kind, taking advantage of the experience is a must.



by Christopher Dela Cruz