There is a very special thing in the fashion world, called the authenticity code. The one that reveals original designer’s signature. The signature that goes beyond time, space and Fashion brands. The one, we truly love and recognize! Alber Elbaz’s got that style. All the critics, fashion press and true followers agreed that Elbaz has made the best collection in the last years, most because he came back to his original signature. Lots of volume, one sleeve well shaped dresses, important and massive jewelry, high waist and precious voluminous rigid silk. All these Lanvin’s codes have been presented at the show. Coming back to the original path, Alber has drawn the Fashion House’s famous prints so you don’t miss the message- Lanvin is here to stay!! Long scarfs, exquisite  neck flowers made it look a bit gypsy but it definitely was  the most chic gypsy ever! The cut of lace dresses was as well so flattering that could with all rights be called one of a kind!! Lanvin is one of our dearest designers of the Paris Fashion week!!

Photo Credit: François LOLLICHON