Oscar nominated, 27 year old director and writer Timo Von Gunten takes us on a beautiful journey. A journey of love, a journey where time passes, yet stands oddly still.
Every year at the Oscars there is a surprise: A movie, a director, an actor or a sound artist that create something so unique; this year it is the beautiful short film “La Femme et Le TGV”.
In a world where most of us live our lives like a fast train, rushing, constantly connected to the internet, Elise, an old lady played sublimely by Jane Birkin, makes us fall in love with her. Time passes.
Timo manages to capture this amazing true story of love, enjoying the little things in life, like watching a fast train pass by, a bird sings or just observing the wind blowing leaves on a tree. Based on a true story in Switzerland. “La femme et le TGV” is like reading poetry.
Masterfully shot, Timo brings color, joy and charm to the screen complete with depth and layers of a master filmmaker twice his age. Jane Birkin delivers an amazing performance under Timo’s direction and takes us through so many emotions.
This film is full of surprises.
By Rachid Ait