Waves with infinite motion sheltered by the sinus outlines of mountains. During the long solitary walks to the lake, Zhu Chongyun, the visionary Creative Director and owner of Krizia, envisaged a delicate iconographic bridge between the East and the West, between the ancient history the Fashion House and its contemporary and global future. A romantic and sweet concept shaken by constant interruptions, by discontinuity of style, unexpected colors, the result of spending lots of time at the historical archive of Via Manin in Milan.
The iconic symbols return but without nostalgia or second thoughts. The past is blended into a current version of pure and direct lines that conceal surprises. A continuous, sophisticated reinterpretation of memories that acquire a contemporary vide, A three-dimensioanl “haiku”.
And,  even if everyone expects the usual tiger, this time it will be a new tiger. A different one. The Krizia  feline is back with a sharp style, printed,  jacquared multicolor all lasered leather. It is concealed in fabrics with macro and micro flourishes with fun camouflage effects. on blouse-sweaters, tank top dresses, laser cut leather and metal accessories, the symbol of an era becomes colorful and pop. Fun and never dull. This is the Krizia Tiger.
And the same applies to pleats, flounces and rouches, which become a petal on male jackets, a serrated blade on the shoulder, an over-the top handkerchief or a side fan tied with a ribbon. Precious details create a fusion between art and fashion, as in the statuesque evening and cocktail dresses, embellished just like works of art. Waves are repeated and spread throughout the collection, from the shoulder strap of a shopping macro pochette in leather or fabric to flat sabots.
The fabrics used are precious and innovative: wool threads with crisp silk, mohair with organza, stretch and pleats, the result of cutting-edge technology and many special collaborations with Italian master craftsmen. Colors range from soft ice cream and lake blue to light water blue  and iridescent gold, connecting the East and the West.
Photo: The Courtesy of Krizia heart-white-love-wallpaper-1