Welcome to the most prestigious and historic place in Russia, a famous and outstanding Resort SOCHI, known for its mild tropical climate and in a just a few miles distance – for skiing retreat. The Olympic Games placed Sochi in the row of the most prestigeous place to be, but our research was slightly different as we we looking for Art Adventure. We found it in KINOTAVR, the most expected film festival after Venice and Cannes. Actually, the idea of KINOTAVR is a permanent search for unexpected ideas, topical themes, an individual auteur style and new talents.


This year the organisers have presented several quite striking films created both by auteurs discovered at Kinotavr and by longstanding filmmakers from the professional community. Practically all the films from competition of Kinotavr reach the silver screen – their success draws the attention of distributors, ready to take the risk and work with auteur films in their attempts to reach the audience!

Alexander Rodnyanskiy, General Producer and the President of Kinotavr

I have found in my turn, that the festival program has really touched the most painful nerves of today, and testified to the state of affairs in culture and in general in the life of the country.

“14+”, by Zajzev the cast with other kids

Allow me to introduce you some of the most vibrant films of the latest program that, I am sure, could be of an absolute interest to the big international audience!

“Rag Union” by Mestetskiy

The realisation of the essence of modern life stands at the center of the Kalmyk film “The Gulls”, and the drama “NO COMMENT”, is a painful investigation of the actual transformation of a quiet western boy into an Islamist insurgent

“The Angels of Revolution” by Fedorchenko

The myths of the Soviet past , so acttively interfereing the present is the subject of the film “Pioneer Heroes”. The contemporary Romeo and Juliet in their troubled 14th, that basically live in their social networks in the film “14+”

“Pioneers-Heroes” by Kudryashova

Kinotavr is absolutelly a place to be and not only about films watching. This is a perfect sea resort, where the beach and party time perfectly mingle together. Music and fun are the keys of the night life. After the sunset and the official closure of the film program , actors, Dj’s, business people and producers get together to celebrate. This time Martini terrace together with Maria Kostina, the owner of the Bijou boutique J-Point have organised a private party for the closest friends. All the Film Festival A-stars came to celebrate. It has been a real blast. If you wish to see the panorama of the contemporary Russian movie scene, you’ve got to see them!

Film director Fyodor Bondarchuk

Elena Zaharova and Alena Sviridova

Actress Ekaterina Vilkova, Singer Apollon Grigoriev

Vittoria Tolstoganova, Anton Tabakov

Actor Vladimir Yaglych

Actor and Film director Cyrill Pletnev with his friend


Michael Druyan

Nadine Obolntseva and Maria Kostina, the owner of J-Point boutique

Actress Elena Podkaminskaia , Singer Alena Sviridova

Dj – Vitaly Kozak

Meanwhile let me confess that if you are looking for an intellectual adventure, film discovering, hot parties and international crowd, you’ve got to be here in the beginning of June!