In 1977, Kenzo Takada showed at legendary club, “Studio 54“. Grace Jones performed, Jerry Hall walked for this collection we want to celebrate the euphoria of an assembly of cultures. A space filled  to the brim with individuals whose style speaks volumes. Women who wear distinctiveness as an expression of freedom.

An invitation to work with the archives of renowned artist Antonio Lopez was the starting point for the collection. Antonio’s work documents and iconic time in Paris, of which Kenzo was an integral part. It felt relevant and exciting to pay homage to that, and re-interpret it for the Kenzo woman today. A woman like Donna Jordan or Pat Cleveland, both strong, beautiful and unparalleled. Grid -like photo formations, collages and sketches of polaroids once loaned but never returned. These images are transposed onto varying garments, offering a new lease of life to such beautiful imagery.

Ponchos, parkas and military raincoats are reimagined as light, voluminous dresses and blouses and technical taffetas with metal snaps or drawstrings. Shiny fabrics- nylons, sequins, lamésare juxtaposed against cotton drills, raw denims or military cottons.Broken camouflage exists alongside classic motifs. Soft pinks are played  against bright reds or cherry. Pink and blue lamés wax lyrical to disco anthems. Trousers and skirts are high waisted and with volume. Shoulders are softly rounded.

Accessories are worn as jewelry. Clutches become cross body’s through adjustable straps. Glittered and chainmail bags come as shoppers, harnesses or bum bags. Chainmail bandanas accentuate the neckline. Oversized crystal and sequined earrings reflect the light, stiletto sandals walk with coiled heels.


Photo: The Courtesy of Kenzo images