Josh Daniels brought Cheryl and Simon to tears on X Factor. How did it feel? Find out more in our latest interview with young talent. Meet Josh Daniel

We were absolutely wowed with your performance at the X factor, that made even judges cry! Tell us about your connection with the auditory. What are your thoughts when you are performing? Who are you singing to?

The connection was just amazing! When a singer is singing from personal experience, you are telling a story and for people to understand that and live it with you is the best feeling. I got lost in that performance and kinda forgot I was actually in an audition

You are 21 y.o How come you were waiting for so long to come out and sing. Was it your first big audition (X Factor) or you participated in other contests?

 I’d participated in other contests on a smaller scale and also been to the X factor in a previous year, not as successfully, so this was probably the biggest platform for me.

Who is your mentor? What was the wisest advise you were given?

My mentor could be classed as many people. My mam has always been my mentor, but my management company owner Richard could quite easily fit that role also & on the show it was Nick Grimshaw! I think the best advice I’ve been given is “people are disappointing” my boss Richard told me that.. which may sound a little odd. Yet it rings true and in the music industry especially you have to have a tough skin, let downs are inevitable despite what you are promised.

You seem like a guy next door, very open minded and easy to approach. Are you ready for fame? How do you think it would change your life?

Haha thanks for saying so! I’m definitely ready for fame. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a whirlwind because it happened overnight almost, overwhelming yes, but I am so ready. I’m glad it happened at this age because I feel like I may have crumbled under the pressure if I was younger, it’s hard work.

A couple of things people don’t know about you, but you would love them to find out??

 People don’t know that I have been an online stock trader in my spare time since I was 18! For those who don’t know it’s a bit like a legal version of Wolf of Wall Street without the horrendous parties haha! People also don’t know that I’m massively freaked out by strawberries.. Usually one people find hilarious! Although maybe I shouldn’t publicise that incase people start throwing them in the street! I’m glad it happened at this age because I feel like I may have crumbled under the pressure if I was younger, it’s hard work.

Beside artists  that inspire you, are there any decades or eras that you integrate into your look or music?

I like to draw inspiration from various elements across the eras, in music especially a lot of the modern tracks use samples from older records so it’s great to experiment. You’ll have to wait till 2016 to hear my tracks though!