Jojo is back and definitely not apologizing. She released a new music video featuring Wiz Khalifa titled “F*** Apologies”.
The whole concept of the song and video is pretty clear since Wiz starts off saying “I ain’t apologizing for s***, I do what I want, and Jojo does too”. There were several scenarios with different actors and actresses in the video that people will relate to. She doesn’t just hit her personal issues with music and relationships but also through the portrayal of others this also becomes about self acceptance. It becomes about bringing whom you are out to the world. 
This was a perfect release for Jojo because it shows her bravery, if you’re not aware of her background, this is what you should know:
  • At 13 she released “Leave (Get Out)” which established her as a young successful musician.
  • She followed with hit singles such as “Too Little Too Late” and “How To Touch A Girl”
  • There was legal issues which prevented Jojo from releasing music commercially.
  • Had to sue Blackground in order to regain her freedom to release music and use her voice.
  • All she could do was put out EP’s (Can’t Take That Away From Me, Agape)
  • Wins a lengthy 7 year battle and signs with Atlantic.
The singer was dealing with all of these legal issues for her right to create music and distribute it. Not only that, she was dealing with being a young adult and being in and out of the spotlight. It makes sense as to why this singer is unapologetic. Can’t wait to see what Jojo has in store next, it’s sure to be creative and vocally driven!



By Monica Soriano Valentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2