Los Angels CA ,

We met with actor and model Luke Valen in Los Angeles. Luke is from a small town called Las Cruces New Mexico at the southern tip of New Mexico closest to El Paso Texas. He moved to Los Angeles three and half years ago to pursue an acting career. Luke started bodybuilding at age sixteen, and won Mr New Mexico and Mid USA when he was nineteen year old. He works out five times a week and recently transitioned into doing more functional exercises such as calisthenics, swimming, and goes on hikes with his dogs for 4/5 miles to stay in shape. Luke has recently appeared on a Nissan commercial and was cast as the lead on a music videos that have reached millions of viewers. He has also appeared on The Late Night talk show Conan O’brien. More recently Luke booked a new pilot that we will have all the details as soon as we can reveal. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @lukevalen to keep up with his work.

photos by Rachid Ait