We caught up with the multi talented Kerri Medders, she gave us an inside look into her mind when creating music and how the video for “Run Love” came about. She discusses artists that inspire her and even tells us who her Man Crush Monday is! Kerri has been working on many projects including her just released single “Fall Away”. Check out the vibey tune HERE. and read the full interview to find out more about Kerri Medders!

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Spy News Magazine: With projects such as music and acting, how do you remain a normal girl?

Kerri Medders: Definitely staying close with my friends and being on social media. I’m such a social media person. I’ll spend hours in the evening saying, “Oh, I want to recreate this photo!” Just staying connected in my world.

Spy News Magazine: Between singing and acting,  which would you say allows you to be more creative?

Kerri Medders: Music. I get to incorporate and create my own ideas and stories, versus acting that is usually already planned out for you where you have to transform yourself to fit the character.

Spy News Magazine: You’re somebody else?

Kerri Medders: Right, exactly. With music, I can be 100% me and talk about things I want to talk about without anyone being like “Oh you can’t say that!” (Laughs)

Spy News Magazine: Your music video “Run Love” was beautifully executed, did you come up with the concept for it?

Kerri Medders: Actually the director I was working with pitched me the idea. He was like, “Why don’t we have something that’s Tarzan and Jane-esque?” It was cool because at the time we were filming we found out that the new Tarzan movie was going to be released around the same time. It turned out being so well planned!

Spy News Magazine: Did you take part in the behind the scenes once the concept was created?

 Kerri Medders: Yeah, it was all of our ideas put into one. Teamwork!

Spy News Magazine: Cody Saintgnue was your leading man in “Run Love”. Did you watch him on Teen Wolf prior to having him in your video?

Kerri Medders: I had seen a few YouTube videos of him and once he got the role, I did a lot of research. Haha.

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Spy News Magazine: Your music videos “Come On” and “Run Love” were released just months apart yet do you feel you’ve grown as an artist in those months?

Kerri Medders: We actually filmed all 3 music videos at the same time, but I definitely think each one grew on it’s own dynamically. We were like – which one are we going to release first, which one are we going to release last? To me, “Run Love” was like a 3-minute movie that I wanted to be the grand finale of the whole EP!

Spy News Magazine: A Trilogy!

Kerri Medders: Yes! Exactly!

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Spy News Magazine: Any plans for another EP or an album in the near future?

Kerri Medders: Oh yes. I’m constantly writing and recording new songs. I’m starting to work new sounds in; I want to build from Etched.

Spy News Magazine: Any new direction towards the sound?

Kerri Medders: Like I always say, I’m hugely inspired by The 1975. I’m such a fan and I feel that on Etched we hit it a little bit but I want to hit it more. I’m very into the groovy sound. There’s a certain idea in my head that I’m really searching for and is growing organically every time I work.

Spy News Magazine: When you go into the studio to create music, what is something that helps you write or record?

Kerri Medders: Story, it’s all about story. I keep constant visuals inside my head and each time I write a song, there’s a person behind it. I have to think of all the memories and clip them together.

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Spy News Magazine: What is one quote you live by?

Kerri Medders: “Everything happens for a reason.” I’m huge about that because if something doesn’t happen the way I want it, I know there’s a reason for it and that this happened the way it did because there’s something greater for me. In that moment you’re thinking, “why did that just happen to me?” And then you take a moment and see why it did.

Spy News Magazine: If your next words could be heard by millions of people, what would you say?

Kerri Medders: (Sighs) Oh my gosh, that’s tough. I think there’d be too much to say. But if people could hear, I would hope they’d hear my music because it is such a big part of me. It’s understanding me, a memoir or a journal holding all of my little memories.

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Spy News Magazine: What are some artists you relate to musically? You mentioned The 1975!

Kerri Medders: They’re so influential. I think we all relate to the artists that are singing what we’re going through at the time, and that inspires you to write similarly. It’s always changing.

Spy News Magazine: Who’s your #MCM?

Kerri Medders: (Laughs) There’s a guy on The 100, his name is Bob Morley and every time I see him I’m like, AHHHHH.

Spy News Magazine: What are some random questions you get asked on twitter?

Kerri Medders: Some people ask me if my hair is fake, but it’s not! I’ve never dyed it or anything. I’m sure if I dug deep in my social media I could find some weird ones.


Spy News Magazine: Do you want to see anybody perform in the upcoming months?

Kerri Medders: Panic! at the Disco, Churches, Halsey. The list goes on and on.


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