We met  Bruno Moraes who is a professional soccer player for the team Santa Cruz, PE in Brazil. He is currently playing in the national championship (Brasileirao), He and his team brought back Santa Cruz to first division soccer after winning the State Championship in Brazil.

Spy news Magazine: When did you decide that you wanted to be a professional soccer player?
Bruno: I started out playing soccer when I was seven years old in a more competitive way, but it was really when I was around 14 years old that I decided that I wanted to have it as a professional career.

Spy news Magazine:Growing up, who was your favorite soccer player? Your idol in the sport?

Bruno: I always liked the player from Argentina called Batistuta. But after I met “Grafite” (Santa Cruz player), also a player I liked since my younger days, and now I have the privilege to share the same jersey with him, he’s really become a role model and a great influence in my career.

Spy news Magazine: You had to move out of your home town to play in different teams at a very young age, how challenging was that for you?

Bruno: It was very hard for me, i was  forced to mature at an early age because I had to take care of myself and I didn’t have my parents around 24/7 anymore, so it was a tough process for me, plus I would miss a lot of holidays and important dates like birthdays etc.

Spy news Magazine: How hard it was to be away from your family since you are the only child?Bruno: I believe that being distant at an early age is always very tough in every way. For my parents its still very hard even now a days, they say the house feels empty when I’m gone because i don’t have any siblings to fill the spot.Spy news Magazine: You are know as the “General” how did the nickname came about?

Bruno: The Santa Cruz crowd is something else, it’s special. I never experienced so much love and support from a cheering crowd before like I do here, they are one of the most passionate towards the sport that I’ve ever seen. So when I scored a goal I would salute them, initially to try to show a tattoo I have on my left arm that says “Lata” (means can, as in, a can of soda) which is a nickname that I’ve had for years, but by accident I ended up saluting with my right arm which is actually the proper way to salute so they gave me the nickname “the General” and now it’s a name that I will carry throughout my whole career.


Spy news Magazine: You are an inspiration to millions of fans and kids that dream of becoming soccer players some day. What message would you pass on to them?Bruno: Mainly I would say never stop going to school. And be strong towards your goals because obstacles will always be present on the path to success but if you have it in your heart and truly believe that you can do it then you will! And it will be worth it!

Spy news Magazine: When you are on the field and you score a goal, specially on decision games. When the crowd goes crazy and shouts your name is probably a great feeling. Can you describe that feeling? And what does it mean for you?

Bruno: It is without a doubt a wonderful feeling. Those moments make me remember all the obstacles and tough moments I had in the early times of my career and it gives me certainty that it was definitely worth going through all the struggle.


Spy news Magazine: Do you have a quote that you live by?

Bruno: “Do not let headwinds change the direction of your path”. It’s an analogy meaning that you shouldn’t let the difficulties in your path take your focus away from your objective.

Spy news Magazine: Your team is disputing the national championship now and you had a transition from division B to division A, what are you expecting from this championship?

Bruno: it was amazing being part of the team that guaranteed Santa Cruz the access to A division and to be among the best teams in Brazil, it is the first time in 10 years that the team achieved such an accomplishment. We hope to stay in the division and show the giant that Santa Cruz is in the soccer world.


Spy News Magazine: With fame, things become easier to get, but  a lot of times it also becomes harder  to distinguish the sincere relationships from the fake ones, does that ever happen to you,  and how do you deal with it?

Bruno: Yes it happens, but I believe that if you have a good family-based and friendship background and values you can protect yourself from the people that surround you only for status and interest.

Spy News Magazine: A lot of people believe that the majority of the soccer players come from poor neighborhoods and never really have the chance to experience a  good quality education growing up. That creates a certain stereotype. How do you deal with that idea?

Bruno: Unfortunately nowadays this is a reality in the world of Brazilian soccer because most of the kids give up their studies to dedicate their lives only to play soccer. So I’m really thankful that my parents were very strict on me about my studies so I had the chance to finish high school. I also intend to go to college someday and have a new profession.

Spy News Magazine: Do you remember how did you spend your first paycheck?

Bruno: Hahaha that’s a great question, it brought me some great memories. My very first paycheck was actually a $350 check, I was very young so I went and bought myself a nice Oakley T-shirt that was white with green details.

Spy News Magazine: Are you an easygoing person? Do you have a good relationship with your fans? And is there a place that you go often in your city?

Bruno: Yes I’m a very chill guy and I feel like I have a great relationship with the fans either in person or in social media, and speaking of that, you can follow me on Instagram @bruno_moraes9 hahaha. I go to the mall a lot here in Recife and also go to a lot of restaurants where the owners are big Santa Cruz fans so I always end up getting some type of courtesy and free stuff hahaha.


It was a great pleasure having this chitchat with you, its extremely gratifying for me to be recognized and invited from an international magazine to tell a little bit of my story and take the name of Santa Cruz to new horizons! Thank you very much!


Photos by Antonio Melcop, Interview by Arthur Garbe and Russ EvValentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2