One of the most addictive and desirable forms in the world, is a woman’s figure. Designers at KOKON believe her sensual mystery under the sheets, is to be craved, by those who wish to reveal her. Their silk chiffon and organic cotton weaves of intimate panties, ensures the wanting aura of a woman is reserved to a flirty tease, so the mystique of her body in the imagination of the lover, remains seductive until the unveiling of her skin.1

6Inspired by beautiful island of magic and harmony, with the addition of sublime Balinese bamboo thread, KOKON stands out and invokes the vintage laced panties of the Victorian era, with a breath of exotic, eco-friendly Asian materials.4


KOKON accentuates the female figure by highlighting her sacred gifts, while personifying a classic allure of poetic passion. You’ll not find any hard lines in the craftsmanship, only soft seductive patterns, tones and curves that to the touch, are as gentle as an evening breeze. Each piece is handmade, with care and attention, to make certain only the best pieces are available from  signature collections. Find out more here


Model: Katya Kastkina
Style: Ekaterina Karnaukhova
Make up: Xenia Valeeva
Photo: Alina Vlasova