She is the real Dancing Queen of Milan! Her musical taste is impeccable, her personal style is sophisticated, her PWP party is just the best in the city. Where could we possibly invite the Milanese Diva with London looks for a talk? Obviously – to bed!

 You started your career in the late 90’s, those days must have been really booming in Milan. Now it looks like everything is slowing down in this city

It’s been a huge crisis and there are tons of problems that everyone in Italy is aware of. Well, I don’t think Milan is the most exciting place to be, but there are still things to do that are quite international, and there a things like the EXPO coming… Milan has always been struggling to be international. In some areas it’s succeeding, while in others it’s failing terribly. But if you want to live an intense and interesting life there is always a possibility to do it. It’s always a question of how connected you are. You know, it’s not like London or Hong Kong or New York, where you just step out at Times square and you feel you are in the most international city in the world. It’s more hidden in Milan but people are connected through the network and they move between big cities that Milan is a part of.


 But they are just coming for Fashion week nowadays

Not only. It depends on their businesses. They are coming in between too. My life is constantly filled with friends that are coming in and out of Milan to work or visit.

 You got the best from Milan – do you think this city is over and you are moving on?

I always am looking a few steps ahead and for the next thing, and for me right now, I do feel that my future will be heading in a more international direction. But not because Milan is OVER, but just because you said it well, I got the best from it and now what’s next?

You can have a really high quality of life in Milan, and being a single mom who takes full responsibility for her child, it has been a really comfortable city to bring up a child. I also like European culture for this – in Milan it is possible to go out for dinner any night of the week with your kid… I mean, in London, most children are in bed at 8pm.


 Well, if not Milan, where would you go?

Interesting question. You know it might be Miami or Los Angeles, or perhaps a mix between Milan and one of these two cities. I see myself living in a city with a warmer climate, the opposite of where I’ve lived so far.

 Wouldn’t you be afraid of getting disconnected with all your major projects and activities if you move to another country?

Honestly…I don’t know. But if you don’t try something you never know. Maybe I have everything to fear but I’ve got to find out! It’s about taking the next step. I know that if I never take these steps I will always question myself: can I do it, can I make it? So I have to go and find out.


 So what is happening with you right now?

You know, I have a lot of peace of mind. I am happy to have more time for myself, having my freedom… my daughter is growing up, so it’s a good moment. For me, happiness has always been – letting go a bit more…

Now I am still working on Punks Wear Prada, the project has a huge influence on my life. The idea is to expand it and make it a brand. I am also focused on building my company, divided in three areas: communication, events, and soundesign. Soundesign includes creating music concepts for stores around the world, as well creating the music for fashion shows. I am also writing articles for Gioia and Lampoon magazines, which discuss the connection between music and fashion.

 You know, I have a lot of peace of mind. I am happy to have more time for myself, having my freedom… my daughter is growing up, so it’s a good moment. For me, happiness has always been – letting go a bit more…


 When you started, did you have a clear idea of where you wanted to arrive or have your ideas been transformed on your way.

Everything that I am doing is really connected to who I am as a person and my passions. I like to promote things, I always knew I wanted to be involved with fashion and music, so it was always promoting music, making it, djing or being on the scene. As a student I was always working behind the bars, and from there I started getting more involved in djing, promoting and making music, being on the scene. When I am working, I am still part of the party.

 Do you drink while working?

Yes, I do drink alcohol. But it’s about searching for the balance. I am very strict about my diet – I haven’t eaten meat for 25 years. No milk, no dairy, no sugar and nearly everything I eat is organic. I gave up eating meat when I was 15, it makes me feel better.

I know that I don’t have the most conventional life, but I still wake up early every morning, and am in the office by 9.30am – but the only difference is that normal people finish their working day at 5 o’clock, my working day continues, and may continue to the very early hours of the next morning. I have to make sure I take care of my body and eating healthily and exercising gives me more energy. I am trying not to smoke… there are also periods where I don’t drink at all. I could say that I am a hedonist but I don’t have any particular addictions, although if I had to choose one… it would be food!

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 When do you think you had your own break through?

Well, Punks Wear Prada was a break through, and really the success of the party has been a window for me for so many other projects. A serious and professional break through happened when I started to work for Dolce & Gabbana. My daughter was growing, I had a serious relationship, and suddenly I started to go to the office at 9.30 like everybody else and spend the day in front of the computer. It was when my daily working life changed most dramatically.

 There is certainly a crew behind Natasha Slater. Is it a random group of people or did you have your crew moving along with you through the years?

To be really honest, there isn’t any one person who’s been with me for many years. My work is exciting, and fast and can be quite unpredictable. People can find it difficult to keep up with. I like working with women and it’s harder to find girls who are prepared to live this lifestyle in Italy. A lot of people don’t know that I am the creative director of my projects.. I never build a concept on somebody else’s idea. So… Let’s say, people help me, but don’t do my job for me.

 What’s your special creative approach at work?

I think I have an innate understanding of what really works and I am not afraid to express it.

 So, what works now?

To be really honest, it is music. Music is my motto in whatever I do. It’s my method of communication and music reaches all types of people, it goes past gender, past races, past politics. It’s a very powerful tool. So my communication even in fashion has been through music.

I like to promote events and people that I care about. As a student I was obsessed with gender. It’s been always been interesting for me to explore the transgressive part between man and woman. I see myself as a woman but equal to a man. Or should I say I don’t feel inferior in any way to the opposite sex.

 But what’s the best tool?

How you communicate. You’ve got to listen to people. Talk to them. Part of my strength is the fact that I am listening to people. I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to relationships and I don’t necessarily mean relationship between men and woman, or sexual ones, but relationships in general, friendships. I’ve always been creating strong bonds with others.

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 And how do you feel being a successful woman in the fashion industry, a gay world?

Well, first of all I never think of myself as a successful person, but more so a person aspiring to success. I am aware that the fashion industry today is dominated by gay men; however that’s never been an issue for me, quite the opposite, I’ve always felt very comfortable with it. Gay men have been a guiding inspiration for me since I was a young girl. I grew up around many gay men who were family friends. So many of my creative icons have been gay men, the men that shaped my ideals and tastes and style, there was a period in London in the early 90’s where I was part of the gay scene… the clubs, the bars in Soho, it just felt exciting with a sense of family. So for me when I see someone doing something I love, I want to be near them, not in competition with them. I’ve often joked with friends that I’ve often believed to be a gay man in a woman’s body!!

 Doesn’t it affect your relationships with straight guys?

No! I also have many straight male friends! I’ve always had strong bonds with men, and many purely platonic, I really get on very well with guys, a lot of the time I find men easier to deal with in friendship, it can be simple, and just fun! But I also love girls too! I don’t think it’s my friendships with other men that affect my personal relationships, there is always some other issue there.. haha!

I never ever had problems meeting potential boyfriends, I am in love with love, so it’s something I attract in my life. I think I have an open mind when it comes to meeting new people, I am also willing to go with the flow and take risks in relationships. Many people are not prepared to do that, they believe in waiting until the perfect person turns up, the perfect moment, I don’t believe in that, I believe in the moment, in the right now! We don’t know what happens tomorrow or how we will feel about it, you need to try things and let go.

 So what’s important for you when you go on a first date?

Sense of humor!! And kindness. I like kind people that have a heart. That’s really important for me.

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 And what about your daughter? Is it difficult to include her in your relationships with men?

It can be challenging. But there are not only criminals out there. There are also some really kind loving people! LOL. But I am definitely not bringing home strangers for one night stands… I mean there are no rules, but unless I am seriously involved with someone it’s not necessary for them to be part of my daughter’s life.

 Did you ever have a relationship with somebody who is younger than you?

Yeah, I hade a relationship for two years with a guy who was 12 years younger than me. He was a model and that was when my daughter was very young. It worked for a period of time. But it’s not something you go looking for, these are things that happen, today I would rather date a man my own age, mainly because I think it’s a lot easier to understand each other, having said that there are no golden rules!

Love is very important for me. So if I happened to fall in love with someone younger I would not necessarily walk away from that, love in my life it very important.

 Where do you find your inspiration in Milan?

That’s the toughest question. I always say: music, art and new projects. Actually, recently I’ve been really inspired by sports! LOL It’s a whole new world for me and I am dedicating a lot of time to it. I am really obsessed with crossfit and squash.

 Where do you find time and energy for all these things?

You make time for the most important things. You prioritize.

 Where do you see yourself in five years?

I definitely see myself in a relationship. I might have another child. So I see myself as a mother. I also see myself managing a lot of projects, and having a larger company and developed business.

 On the beach? LOL

Maybe… I don’t know where, but it would have to be somewhere with lots of artists and creative people. I see myself dedicating more of my time to creative projects. In my life I’ve decided I want to do more of what I love and makes me happy. Sometimes I wish I could cancel all my internet accounts, and just live a moment of privacy! I think many people who work in such a social and public environment can at times feel the necessity to just switch off for a moment and zone into yourself.

 When do you think will be the end of all these blogs, Instagram and any other internet accounts?

Well, I think that if you have something to say, an intellectual thing, it might work. If you have a career or a skill, you keep doing it. But we all have to remember that even the greatest pop stars had their moments of darkness. No one is on top all the time, that’s life.


 Since you are in to music, what’s the latest performer you’re obsessed with?

Perfume Genius! Really great musician and really obssesed with him. And then Baynesenese! Moe – Scandinavian Danish music. I go back and forth from old music to the latest music. But when I get home I like to listen to the classics.

 Is it just my feeling or is there not much support for young talents in Italy?

I’ve never wanted to be bourgeois in Milan. I’ve always wanted to be my own thing. Maybe there are not many new talents in Italy because people are too comfortable…. Maybe because Italians in general always like what is foreign. It is true that many great talents come out of struggle. Even in the South of Italy a lot of people live a comfortable life or steady life, living at home and eating their plate of pasta. When I grew up in London we didn’t even think about going to restaurants, dining out. Who cared? Here the 25 year old guys are only obsessed with new restaurants and good food. Of course there is a lot of talent in Italy, but Italians want things easily, and sometimes you need to push harder to make your dreams come to fruition. I’m not saying that there are no talents, they are just rarer to come across.

 Where do we meet those educated people? Where is that spot?

You want to come to my crossfit class? LOL … Well, I think I am attracting people cause I never have a problem finding them. I think going to the concerts, interesting parties, my Punks Wear Prada!!!

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Location: Boscolo Hotel Milano

Photo credit: Max Martin Studio Milano, Katya Lavrovskaya