If Leplas was a lady she would be a sharp-talking, smart and assertive one. The independent lady who makes bold moves, sets herself apart from her contemporaries, and (literally) wears the trousers. Bloody delightful.

Leplas bags are the by product of a passionate search for balance and beauty, as it is a product that is elegant and refined. It knows how to present itself with extravagant colors and imaginative; a real luxury item which can appreciate the strong woman, determined and self-confident.

Indeed “When the reality is not enough, fashion outdoes itself and creates parallel worlds in which innovation is synonymous with imagination and gives life to creations aimed at surprising”- LEPLAS

We had a great time talking with the owner of the LEPLAS- Alessia Doronzo.

Spy News Magazine: Tell me a bit about yourself, about your professional path?

AD: I’m Alessia Doronzo. I have always loved fashion, so I nurtured the desire to create something that reflected me, my ideas, and my way of being.

For this reason, I frequented a university course in Fashion Sciences and Technologies where I learned rudiments of fashion history, but also marketing and communication; a perfect binomial which, at the end of my studies, allowed me to take up my creative career. With determination and sacrifice, I decided to realize my dream named LEPLAS.

Spy News Magazine: Can you tell me about your brand, where did the idea come from?

AD: LEPLAS was born from the need to go beyond fashion, revolutionizing it, leaving space for creativity and imagination. A re-style that starts from using totally new and soft materials to shape our dreams. When I create a new collection, I try to satisfy all women’s needs and desires. I think that a bag is not only an accessory but  it’s a real casket where every woman holds a bit of her world that she can bring always with her. For this reason, our bag has to be special but in the same time, it is a reflection of the personality of who wears it.

LEPLAS has a lot of styles for each woman, from the romantic to the bold, but always maintaining its distinctive characteristic of uniqueness and sophistication.

Spy News Magazine: What is your source of inspiration for your bag? Who does it target?

AD: I think that there is nothing more stimulating than a world with a creative mind. I use to take inspiration from my trips, extrapolating details from places I visited not only from an architectural point of view but also from their customs and traditions, giving to my collection an “international” spirit. For example, for my last collection, I took inspiration from the beautiful  AZULEJOS, paying homage to Portugal and to its vivid colors and wonderful structures.

Women who wear LEPLAS bags are women who don’t follow fashion rules but rather dictate them. Determined and resourceful women who have a gutsy personality and who, thanks to their way of being, break the mold, bringing colors, vivacity, and perfume to the daily greyness.

Spy News Magazine:  How do you want women to feel when they wear LEPLAS ITALY?

AD: I loved the idea that women wearing LEPLAS bags could experience a sense of freedom and self-confidence. LEPLAS bags are very eclectic, as they can be worn in every situation thanks to the perfect mix between styles and trendy colors, the use of pvc, and the cool fragrances that’s leave a mark.


Spy News Magazine: Tell me more about the materials you use for your bags?

AD: LEPLAS bags are completely made in Italy. They are made in a special ecologic plastic that doesn’t release toxic substances into the environment during the production process. This material lends to the product an high compactness, resistance and impermeability. Bags made from plastic are handcrafted with the support of increasingly advanced techniques. In addition to this, there are many styles, designs, and nuances that give life to my collections. Each design needs about three months of planning to achieve satisfying results in terms of three-dimensionality. Moreover, in the aim to give an added value to my bags, each bag has a perfume of vanilla, talcum or white musk.

Spy News Magazine: The internet has caused the biggest culture shift since the printing press. Attention has shifted to the internet as a medium to sell, tell stories, and bring awareness to brands. How are you leveraging the internet; social media in reaching your target audience?

AD: It’s evident that Internet plays a key role in every aspect of our lives and above all for the fashion system. LEPLAS, as all brands, uses both Internet and social media. The focal point of LEPLAS communication is our website www.leplas.it where not only it’s possible to find all collections, but it’s also possible to buy bags. Furthermore, you can follow LEPLAS on its Facebook page and Instagram profile that works as a “sounding board”, allowing us to stay in touch directly with our clients and turning LEPLAS into a smart brand, able to understand clients’ needs that satisfy them.

Spy News Magazine: What plans do you have for LEPLAS ITALY in the future?

AD: Without a doubt the main goal for the future is to expand our horizons; having already conquered Europe, I would like export my innovative bags Made in Italy, even if it’s already possible to buy a LEPLAS bag in Russia, Emirates, Japan, Turkey, Korea, China and Dominican Republic, I would like to bring my product where people don’t know LEPLAS brand, aiming at USA, this is my next goal! About the product development, we’ll try to improve our technologies, by pushing our limits. I’m planning to enlarge our collection with new styles, to launch a men’s collection and, why not, to insert garments so that it will be possible to wear a LEPLAS from head to toe creating a complete look.

Spy News Magazine: Where can your pieces be purchased?

AD: Leplàs bags can be bought on our online shop for the Italian market (www.leplas.it) or at the authorized retailers, both in Italy and abroad.

Spy News Magazine: On a lighter note do you have any style tip you want to give to our audience?

AD:  My bags have been created in order to meet every taste that can be worn on any occasion. It’s difficult not to find the bag of your dreams. I believe that with a Leplàs bag it does not take much to grab the people’s attention! A total black outfit, matched with one of my bags, can make you fashionable, original and stylish at the same time, leaving whom admires you not only a beautiful image, but also an olfactory memory that will leave it’s mark!



by Anderson Azugbene