Spy News Magazine: I know that you moved down to LA for the show Mighty Med. I’ve heard LA isn’t an easy city to live in. How do you find yourself here?

Paris: True. LA is not an easy place to live in, it’s very competitive. There are people around who may not have the best intentions, but I think a good balance is just to focus on what you do best, your craft and career. Not everything has to be a competition. You should always be happy for other people.

Spy News Magazine: Do you think you’ve matured since you moved here?

Paris: Yes, I believe I have matured a lot since I moved to LA. I moved out here when I was 14 and now I am 17. I haven’t changed much appearance wise per say (I am taller though! LOL) , but I’ve definitely grown as a person.  If you don’t take each year as a year to learn, grow and expand, you are wasting life and what this beautiful world has to offer!

Spy News Magazine: What was the best lesson LA taught you so far?

Paris: It definitely taught me to love myself, focus more on myself and to listen to myself… I would ask different people what I should do or what I should say. Now, I’ve learned to say what I feel and do what I want to do, but still putting others into consideration.

Spy News Magazine: I remember I was filming a show about Fame. During the interview a well known actress told me that Fame is given only to the chosen one. Do you believe that there is special force that makes you move in certain direction, make certain decisions, or its just you who make things happen?

Paris: Definitely if it is meant to be!  Everyone has a destiny, their path where they’re supposed to go. It just depends on how they get there. Everything happens for a reason. This is my path. I want people to know that I love acting. This is who I am, this is what makes me happy  and I don’t see myself doing anything else. I want people to see who I am. I have so much to say and a lot of things I would love to do.


Spy News Magazine: I love how you get inspired talking about your job. Do you think you could sacrifice love for work? Often In Movie industry it is hard to find a balance.

Paris: (Laughing) I am the kind of girl who will  always choose love. Without love there is nothing. All we need is love, so guess I choose love…Let’s come back to this question in a couple of years and see.. (laughing), but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have a career if I didn’t love it and was passionate about it. It motivates, it gives strength,  it inspires… I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for love.

Spy News Magazine: I know you love your followers and digital is a very important part of your work and the best way to communicate to your fans. Aren’t you afraid to expose your personal life to millions. Do you feel responsibility for the message you send?

Paris: It is actually scary that one single post can throw anything out of proportion, but on the other hand, it feels great to have this power to be heard by millions. At the same time I think what if I am not good enough? When I post things I always try to make them very positive and with no drama.

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Spy News Magazine: You live a whole new life compared to Wisconsin. Do you still keep in touch with your old friends?

Paris: Yes I do. Not as often as I used to, but when we talk it feels like nothing has changed. I have many close friends here in LA. It is different when I go out to hang out with them than in Wisconsin. (Laughing). There are more things I can do here. I can’t go to Malibu in Wisconsin… haha. My lifestyle has definitely changed and the way I dress has changed. I am a little more edgy now. I am not really a big fan of girly things. My closet is basically black, white and grey. I like to dress edgy or classic.

There are two different sides of me. I really love Zac Posen‘s line. It is powerful and gives a very strong attitude, but there is also another part of me that loves Ellie Saab. Normally, I would go edgy, but sometimes the soft side of me comes out. (laughing)

I love shoes… I am obsessed with shoes! I guess I have like 40 pairs of shoes and I wear all of them! Obviously, I don’t wear heels every day, but I have them for red carpets and events. Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, Louis Vuitton are a few of the designers I love.

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Spy News Magazine: Do you choose your outfits yourself or have a stylist?

Paris: It really depends on the event and if it’s something that’s not too big and simple, I would dress myself, but if it’s a premier or an awards show then of course, I would call my stylists to help me out.

Spy News Magazine: Lab Rats Elite Force is your 2nd big TV show series you are staring in. As a TV actor you have more time to explore the character over multiple episodes and seasons. Aren’t you afraid that the stigma of a TV actress can stick to you so it will be more difficult to get roles in feature films?

Paris: No, I am an actress… Be it TV or film, if I am right for a part I am going to work hard and hopefully get hired!  (Laughing).  I’m lucky as the lines between TV and film pretty much do not exist anymore, especially in American projects.  A-List stars are now leading TV shows and because of this transition, it has blurred the lines of the “crossover actress.”  The term is pretty much extinct at this point, which is great for me and my generation…

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Spy News Magazine: Who is your role model?

Paris: I am going to pick a woman I would inspire to be and a peer that inspires me… That being said, Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez. Both of them inspire me because they’re not only successful in their career, but they help people around the world and value family and friendships.

Spy News Magazine: Who is your celebrity crush?

Paris: Haha, do I really need to tell that? Ah…(thinking) I really like Douglas Booth, Justin Bieber, Logan Lerman, and Andrew Garfield. Those 4 are great (laughing).

Spy News Magazine: Can you share your 5 top songs that are always on your playlist with our readers?

Paris: One of them is I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy, another one is Sorry by Justin BieberPillow Talk by ZaynSlow Dancing In a Burning Room by John Mayer, the last one is Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N’ Roses.


Interview by Russ Ev, photo by Rachid Ait

Edited by Maria Berelcpinkblack