The queen is honoured; everyone stands and cherishes her and compliments her on her beauty. For one special day, she doesn’t have to be humble and shrink her existence to make room for other women to shine be it is her day, her wedding day.  Today, she is the complete centre of attention; a brief moment in time when the entire world stops and recognizes her existence and importance.

There are many important things that add up to making this day the most memorable day in her life and the wish to make it ‘happy ever after’ that is what all brides crave. The one thing though that is most important apart from the wedding dress is the bridal shoes it is that one piece that gives a pride that Cinderella.

There is a bridal shoe brand that symbolizes good fortune and good wishes of a lasting happy family life’ Jessica Bedard shoe. Jessica Bedard bridal collection can described as opulent and feminine, a stable for the bride that is on a search for comfort and an overdose of stylish Italian luxury and creativity.

The very talented designer who also has a Prêt-Á-Porter collection successfully combines style and luxury with an unwavering focus on comfort and quality.

Hand made in Italy with high grade materials like high end fabrics, soft nappa and glossy patent leathers, rose gold snakeskin and fur. The collection features flats and heels that are amazingly designed.

Armed with an old wedding tradition and impeccable shoe design the Canadian shoe designer is on way to disrupting the shoe industry.

Listen to Jessica as she tells us about the age old tradition that embedded into her brand story that bring good fortune to her brides and her experience at the fashion week also on lunching HER NEW BLOG.

By  Anderson Azugbene