Max Schneider Delivers an Infusion of Sounds in New Album “Hell’s Kitchen Angel”

Max Schneider is known for winning over hearts with his youtube cover videos and social media engagement. Along with collaborations on his channel with artists such as Victoria Justice, Alyson Stoner, Sam Tsui and many more, he has managed to keep consistency within his music. Max’s first video was uploaded 6 years ago, not a surprise to see how far he has come; since then joining Pete Wentz’s label DCD2 early last year. Along with signing he had great success last year with “Gibberish” featuring Hoodie Allen. To follow up Max recently released the album “Hells Kitchen Angel” with many tracks as potential future singles.

The first track is of course “Hells Kitchen Angel”, the title of the album. The song opens smoothly, nothing too upbeat to start with. The lyrics revolve around a woman who as he states “she says she’s into older guys, but maybe I can change her mind”. Definitely a song about a woman who’s temptation. The chorus is catchy, definitely the type of song that will get stuck in your head.

The second track “Gibberish” was actually a fantastic single for 2015. It was a radio friendly introduction of MAX.

“Wrong” ft. Lil Uzi Vert is one of those songs that transcends genres because it sounds so simple yet when taking several listens you hear a melting pot of musical influences. Lil Uzi Vert was a splendid choice, his feature was short and lively.

“Holla” is an enjoyable song. Max has actually already put out a music video for this track in which you can see Pete Wentz shave his head into a mohawk. Worth a watch!

From the first sound of the guitar, “Lights Down Low” is an attention grabber considering the contrast of his previous songs on the album to this one. The slower vibe and acoustic sound makes for an addiction to the ears. This track feels personal because it is stripped down more. Towards the end it begins to have more background vocals and runs but instead of being a negative it adds as a positive thus bringing more life to the song. This entire track works, it might not be pop enough for radio but it’s sure to be a fan favorite.

A fun fact about “10 Victoria’s Secret Models” is that it was actually was co written by Patrick Stump! This track takes you on a musical journey, showcasing Max’s range. This is an alternative love song for sure, from the lyrics to the how well the track has hints of rock, punk and pop.

“Home” is an intense song, when listening to the lyrics it becomes evident that this is one of Max’s more personal songs. The song is deep and talks about a couples struggle to decide to make it a home for three or not. There’s not many songs that bring to light this circumstance which is why “Home” was a great addition to the album.

Following “Home” came a fun song for the rebels out there, “Mug Shot” ft. Sirah is a tad more funky and unquestionably has an old school feel with a modern touch. Sirah is a huge part in making the song what it turned out to be, not only since she is the only female feature on the album but her cool delivery and vocals are a contrast to Max’s fiery chorus.

“Basement Party” is Max’s current single and there’s no denying, it is fantastic choice. This song can take you from a bad mood to a good one in seconds. In the beginning the beat sounds very similar to what is out on the radio today but then it transitions into a funky mix and still works for radio. It’s catchy, it’s youthful and it’ll make you feel good.

“Lost My Way” is one of the most relatable songs of the entire album since everyone has reached rock bottom at some point. Once the chorus hits, the relativity becomes higher. This could definitely be a next potential single and a stripped down version of “Lost My Way” would become huge within his fan base.

Overall Max Schneider delivered an infusion of sounds throughout his entire project. There’s not a specific artist that he sounds like but rather his music seems to be influenced by many genres and artists. Some songs are more on the rock/alternative side and some are more pop/funk. He is an artist to look out for throughout the rest of 2016 and his album is sure to be a hot one for the summer

by Monica Soriano