“What’s the first thing we think about when we buy a new suitcase? We worry that it might get ruined”

That’s why Crash Baggage suitcases are already dented, worn-looking, crashed. With Crash Baggage founders want to overturn the very concept of luggage through their travel philosophy Handle Without Care”, which exalts the freedom of movement and action wherever and whenever possible, without any worries.

Designed in different sizes to comfortably accompany you as hand luggage or large enough for long-haul journeys in the hold of the aircraft. Crash suitcases are made of ABS and polycarbonate, the most up-to-date materials in terms of resistance, lightness and comfort. And all without forgetting the environment: all products are sustainable and realized limiting the presence of chemical elements in the various components to the least extent possible.

Travel without fears, no need to worry about the luggage. Handle Without Care.

The founder, Francesco Pavia is a young, curious, enthusiastic, humble and still curious guy. He always loved to do everything his way, also at school. As he was finishing to graduate in accounting, he already experienced his creativity, bringing his home made t-shirts to sell to classmates and teachers instead of books. It is not difficult to guess school was not the first of his thoughts.What he really loved and still loves to do is travelling and meeting different people and ways of life, then he begins to move very young. Roberto Pavia, Francesco’s father, was in the world of luggage since the 80s. We can say that he lived all the great changes of this sector such as the transition from horizontal suitcases to trolleys, the change from the classic materials to lighter, more durable and technological ones.

The way of traveling was changing: people was moving no more only for holidays with families but also as a real need to work, study or just to take a ride. The world itself was changing, the borders became less defined and suddenly you could reach every corner of the world in a few hours … But this is another story.

Francesco, who was born practically inside a suitcase, decided to accompany his father on his business trips and began to experience personally the world he was always surrounded by.

Needless to say, he loved to travel a lot. He began with Asia, where his father followed the design, production and development of products for major Italian luggage companies and after a period of coaching began to follow his own customers.

But he wanted to see more and thus started to travel to the USA and throughout Europe in various trade and fashion design fairs. The ideas in his head began to take shape and the more he had the more he wanted them.

A day like any other, while sitting at the airport, he saw the roller conveyor leading suitcases into boarding and heard two distinct travellers discussing about their new suitcases, worried that they might crash during the journey. But this was not Francesco’s way of travel … he did not like to waste time worrying about these things.


An had just had an idea. He feels the journey like a pleasure and not a concern. He wanted his product with his way of being inside, his way of living every trip caring only about what you’re going to do and not of what could happen.

Thus was born the idea of a suitcase already damaged, crashed, which can be handled without care and that at every collision, every crash, every trip becomes increasingly awesome.When he returns he began studying the first prototypes up to the final product. It takes a year and a half since the launch. During this period he has the possibility to merge all he has learned in the years of traveling and coaching with his father and his creative side that always scalps to go out.

He wanted a durable product in quality and time. Something that could carry a whole philosophy linked to his way of traveling. In January 2013, the first market launch at Pitti Uomo in Florence and the Crash Baggage adventure began.

Today the brand Crash Baggage is distributed and sold around the world. Even marketing and distribution do not comply to the traditional canons of the luggage industry and aim at concept stores, fashion and interior design shops.

Referring to the market, the goal is to have a global coverage of the “Crash Baggage” brand. The future expectation is the opening of flagship stores in order to have our own space to fully express the brand’s philosophy.