These four musicians just released “Starving” which has been getting plenty of attention due to their fusion of sounds. When you combine an acoustic track with an EDM feel, “Starving” is the result. Hailee, Gey and Zedd managed to work together and perfectly piece ideas and sounds. They formed a track that sounds primarily acoustic in the beginning but once the chorus starts to hit there are drums and then becomes just the right amount of upbeat.
This is a great release, not only because it’s one of the hottest collaborations right now but because this track can either be performed acoustically or as an upbeat party song. There’s so much flexibility with this song which is refreshing because it does not matter how it’s remixed, people will still be able to know the original. With Hailee’s soothing vocals and Grey & Zedd‘s producing and mixing skills there’s no question this song is going straight to radio and the charts.
One can only wait for the release of the music video, it’s bound to be a good visual for this song!
By Monica Soriano Valentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2