Literature was born on the day when a boy came crying «wolf wolf and there was no wolf behind him» (V.Nabokov).

The Gucci SS17 Collection reflects reality through the faded mirror of illusion. In pure Alessandro Michele’s spirit, traditional stylist codes are turned upside-down and most obvious elements gain a new, unconventional meaning.

The clothes tell a story steeped in wonder, suggesting the surrealistic jounray of a contemporary Madame Butterfly to the moon and back, bringing to planet Earth an unseen mix of Eastern opulence, sci-fi silhouettes, artistic prints, and geeky vintage galore.


Acting like magic lanterns, the garments fragments the world’s image in a dazed shimmer that changes in odd ways according to their unpredictable movement and phantasmagoric glow.

To quote Caillois’ definition of vertigo, Michele attempts to destroy for a moment the stability of perception so that the lucid conscience is forced to undergo a kind of sense panic, creating a new metamorphic language embodied by clothing.

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Gucci’s Creative Director sees clothes not as simple objects but as enchanted tokens to exit the boring wake of tradition and delve into mesmerizing dream. This quest for innovation leads him once again beyond common expectations, braking old closed system to cultivate the unexpected.

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