We had a great time talking to band Bad Feelings, newly formed just two months ago. Tyler – singer/singwriter gave us the insight on how the sound of Bad Feelings differs from the sound of previous band Hollywood Ending.

He also talks about their show at The Roxy, upcoming projects and just in case you were wondering we had to ask who the messiest between him and Danny is! Make sure to check them out on social media at @badbadfeelings to keep up with their most recent updates!

Spy News Magazine: How does your current sound differ from your previous band’s sound?

Tyler: “With our last band- we started that band when we were 16 so we were very young, you know. Overtime we’ve gotten to take in a lot of new music, a lot of old music that we just started to find really cool. The last band was really cool, really pop and rock…pop/punk almost where it’s really upbeat but this music is way more vibey and chill. Good music to make out to I guess haha”

Spy News Magazine: I was going to ask…how did you come up with your current sound?

Tyler: “We listen to a lot of bands that we like- like The Strokes and The Killers. We listen to a lot of current band’s that we like. We make all of our songs in our bedroom so we just like would write random songs and some of them would be cool and some of them not and we just pick out the ones that we liked.”

Los Angels CA ,

Spy News Magazine: You just performed at the Roxy in the early, early morning….How are you feeling?

Tyler: “Tired haha ….it’s weird drinking this early for sure haha – no it was really fun. A bunch of our friends came out and it was cool and now we have the whole rest of the day to do whatever. We’re going to have like a nice little after party at our place and it’ll be fun. It was a really good show eventhough it was probably the earliest show I’ve ever played.”

Los Angels CA ,

Spy News Magazine: Why did you decide to end the show with “Sinner Like You”?

Tyler: We don’t really have any upbeat songs for the most part. Well we have some upbeat songs BUT that one is just like high energy and feels really good. It felt like a good one to close with and leave a nice impression to anyone who doesn’t know who we are!”

Spy News Magazine: What upcoming projects do you have?

Tyler: “We’re doing the rest of this tour we’re on right now. We’re  doing the whole east coast starting next week, I think on friday. This goes until the end of June. When we come back we’re going to try and film some videos and hopefully do some stuff in the summer and another tour in the fall. Just going to keep writing music and putting it out.”

Los Angels CA ,

Spy News Magazine: Adding one last question who is the messiest you or Danny?

Tyler: “My room is definitely messier than Dan’s room but we are both messy in our own ways. If Danny gets a little turnt up he might crash a chair, so he’ll make a mess with that but in general I’m more likely to have my room look like trash than Danny is.”

By Monica Soriano, photo Rachid Aitpinkblack