“Going, going, slow!” was a project undertaken in South Australia to demonstrate the juxtaposition observed from the quickening uptake of slow fashion this year. Combining the carefree elements of an Australian childhood, the brands involved in this project were handpicked for it’s stance against fast fashion, prompting multiple conversations with the individuals involved about the industry’s future.

Skirt, belt, earrings Home Job The Label , shirt Autark,  sandals Ana Terra


Can your love for fashion justify the purchasing of stuffs? Did you really need that extra coat? And more importantly, who or what played a role in creating that item hanging in your closet?

Top, earrings Home Job The Label, dress Autark
Left: Sunglasses, belt Fox on the Run Vintage, earrings and skirt (worn as top) Home Job the label, pants Scout the label, sandals Ana Terra; on the right: sunglasses Fox on the Run Vintage, earrings, belt, dress  Home Job the label, shirt Autark

Your love for fashion should be a no-brainer. Yes of course it plays a massive part in your personal identity down to a subconcious level, and feeling conflicted over getting something new after you’ve read this (or other similar articles calling out the problems of fast fashion) may become a common occurance. And if anyone can develop a one-size-fits-all solution to answer the questions highlighted above give me holla.

From Left: top, apron top, earrings Home Job the label, pants Scout the label, sandals Ana Terra, belt worn as necklace from Fox on the Run Vintage, pants Autark

Even so, here are some suggestions to begin your slightly (if ever) englightened journey towards a more sustainable step in fashion: The creative classics (HomeJob the Label), the minimalist maximalist (Autark and Alix Yang Jewellery), and the freakishly flamboyant (Ana Terra, Fox in the Run Vintage and SWOP Exchange) – these geniuses have got you covered all across the spectrum of style and you can be assured everything was made with love.

MUA: Victoria Nazarkina
Hairstylist: Abi Wales
Production Assistant: Esther Reynolds-Verco
Models: Fika Tamiru , Rasha Kardo / Rin Models
Photographer, stylist and producer: Nicole Fang
Special thanks to SWOP Exchange Adelaide