We have seen all possible colors and structures, new trends and venues this Fashion week, but the real Italian classic was yet to come.  Giorgio Armani closed the fit schedule of the Milan Fashion week with soft emotional collection dedicated to his beloved Women. Maestro has been creating  an incredible female image for 40 years getting inspiration from stunning Sophie Lauren to Lauren Hutton and Juliette Binoche. These strong ladies have brought a lot of amazing ideas to our wardrobe signed Armani. Nevertheless the last collection looked soft and more feminine than ever. Lots of transparency in the classical pant suits, tender soft colors,  bright pon-pons to underline the beauty of the chemise. Flowers along the runway added a certain naive tonality to the whole collection’s attitude. The materials are precious: soft stripped organza embroidered with flowers, leather gilets in grey snake skin and colored snake tailleur for a chic looking lady. The stunning softness and beauty of the Anniversary collection leave us speechless- we wish Maestro Armani other 50 years of incredible creativity!!

Photo Credit: Polina Shalaeva