Ever take into consideration how the dating scene keeps changing and has transformed onto something more casual?

Well singer/song writer Will Jay expresses his personal values when it comes to this topic. In his new music video for “Gentleman” he shows up at the girls front door dressed in a suit, he definitely brings back all the charm of an old school upbringing.

1When most of the mainstream music has become about one night stands and money, it’s refreshing to see someone with an unchanged perspective about what they would like to represent in the music industry.  There needs to be a balance between party music and songs with innocence instilled in them.


Will Jay can be seen a young Jason Mraz – a musician who puts heart and spends time not only singing but dives into songwriting and playing instruments.

This whole video is a great date, with dancing and laughter all around. We give props to him for releasing a track that everyone can listen to and just feel genuinely happy.


By Monica Soriano pinkblack