GARNISON is a high-end prêt-à-porter brand for men that transcends the three piece suit. At the heart of its collections, the work of the line emphasises the nobleness of a sophisticated body and re-examines the uniformity of the contemporary suit.

GARNISON reveals the nuances of a man in full transformation, defining new codes, whilst respecting the well established rules of a man’s wardrobe. The construction, cut, and fabrics combine industrial techniques with the excellence of a refined savoir-faire: innovative lapels that flow into the shoulder line, collars that drape, glimmering lining, shirts that revive the charm of a more sensitive man. We had a chance to meet up with the Creative Director Luka Maurer during his presentation at Milan Fashion Week and ask him some questions.

Spy News Magazine: It is such a pleasure to be in this conversation with you Luka. Porrentruy is where you are based; what is the most interesting thing about this city that intrigues you?Why did you choose Switzerland to settle down?
Luka Maurer: Porrentruy is a small swiss town with a beautiful aristocratic heritage. It is a very quiet place with a big castle surrounded by forests, the perfect place for me to settle my studio. Switzerland is right in the center of Europe, even if I live away from big capitals I don’t feel outside of the world. 
Spy News Magazine: What is a typical day for you in Porrentruy especially when you are not working?
Luka Maurer: I like to walk around the old town center and stare at its beautiful ancient houses. There are hidden courtyards keeping there secrets from the outside world. 
There is something in the air, like if old stones were constantly murmuring to each other. 
Spy News Magazine: I believe that designing demands some sort of mediation and mind clearness. What is your spiritual practice that helps you to create?
Luka Maurer: I breathe and close my eyes, then I look for somewhere to get healed. An imaginative world.  These last months my settings are composed with never-ending fields, strong snowy mountains, quiet dark blue lakes in a dramatic light. It feels like I am each of them at the same time in unity and multitude. The romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich and  Tim Hecker and his album «Ravedeath 1972» heal me a lot. I don’t especially like or need to travel to change my mind. 
Spy News Magazine: How was your passion for men’s tailoring was born?
Luka Maurer: I got the real understanding of what represents a suit as an intern at Oswald Boateng on Savile Row (London)Each pieces was thought and shown like a masterpiece within its powerful meaning, transforming the clients.  As a kid I’ve been drawing super heroes all the time. Now I am doing exactly the same thing but in three dimensions.
Spy News Magazine: Tell us more about your new collection that you are going to present in a couple of weeks in Zurich at Swiss MODE?
Luka Maurer: As a kid at school teachers were trying to make me doing things like the others, I was very bad at it. I had the feeling that I was a tool in a factory that didn’t fit any machines. This whole system prepares you to accept the idea of being specific at one task for your whole life. I hate that.  I want the modern man to have many facets. Somebody that can work in a garden in the morning, repare a car in the afternoon as well as having evening dinner at an embassy. Garnison FW18 is the third chapter of the «God Edition» Garnison collections.
Spy News Magazine: How do you want your customers to feel when they wear Garnison?        
Luka Maurer: The Garnison man embrasses his femininity to emphasizes the top of his masculinity. He is a confident, enthusiastic super man confident about the future. 
Spy News Magazine: We truly believe that whatever you do, your job is to tell your story. How are you telling your story through social media networks?
Luka Maurer: It is important for me not to show myself too much because the project is not about me but about a vision of masculinity that I’d like to share to improve mankind. But at the same time it comes from my mind and sometime I can’t hide my designer convictions.  The challenge is to stay spontaneous in choosing a relevant content to nourish the DNA of GARNISON. 
Spy News Magazine:  What are your creative plans for the future?
Luka Maurer: Now I’d like to go deeper exploring the limit between traditional tailoring and pattern making innovation.