Spy News Magazine Team had a chance to catch up with Giuseppe Della Badia, young and talented designer from Naples, founder and creative director of Gedebe brand, who lives and creates his amazing pieces in the heart of Italy- Rome.

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Spy News Magazine: It is such a pleasure to be in this conversation with you Giuseppe. Rome is where you are based; what is the most interesting thing about Rome that intrigues you?

Giuseppe: I’m in love with big cities. They are like a big small universe with different cultures, communities and artistic influences, stories from past and future worlds. And even if this is not the best period for Rome, it still remains a metropolis full of energy. Walking down the streets, you can feel the charm of the ancient city, the glamour of “la Dolce Vita“, the wonder in the eye of the visitors. What is most surprising of Rome is its size: in this city everything looks prominent, majestic. The historic center of Rome is a dense network of roads connecting together magnificent squares, surrounded by baroque palaces, classical architecture and beautiful fountains. Walking there is always thrilling.

Spy News Magazine: What is a typical day for you in Rome especially when you are not working?

Giuseppe: I am not from Rome, and I found myself living in this city almost by accident. But from the very first moment, I knew that I wanted to live in the beating heart of this city. In my imagination Rome was all about the Spanish Steps, and that’s where I live today. It is very rare for me to have an entire day off work, but when I’m free I definitely love to dedicate my time to my house: decorating the rooms and filling my terrace with plants and white flowers. I take a walk with my dogs and quite often I prepare dinners for my friends, because I really love cooking. I often spend hours sitting in a bar or on the steps of Spanish Steps, just like a tourist, watching people. Observing is my favorite hobby. I do shopping too, of course.
Spy News Magazine: Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, was it a conscious plan for you to base in Rome in a world where people think that the success of your brand is predicated on location?
Giuseppe: Milan is undoubtedly the fashion Italian capital. Much of my work, especially trade and public relations, takes place in Milan. However, Rome represents for me a great resource of artisans, embroidery workshops, leather craftmen with whom I can create collections difficult to produce elsewhere. Rome is for me the place where creativity takes shape. But still, I do not underestimate the importance of the place of business, which is why a fundamental part of my work takes place in Milan, where I spend half of my life. We need also to consider that big fashion houses such as Valentino, Gucci, Fendi and Bulgari are all based in Rome, and in this moment it’s a big opportunity for the city. I also think that we live in a world where there are no distances and where the concept of “place” is rather outdated. Moreover, in Rome it’s not difficult to create meaningful relationships by attending the right places.
Spy News Magazine: You said once in one of your rare interviews that you prefer to allow your works to do the talking. What is the message behind your designs?
Giuseppe: Yes you’re right. I firmly believe that the only way that an artist has to communicate is through his work, in my case my collections. It’s only dedicating myself to my work that I can express myself. In all my creations there is always a recurring element: the dream. For me fashion is fun, beauty, without any limits. There is no excess if there is irony, femininity and grace. This is my message: do not think about it, dream it!
Spy News Magazine: We are always talking about the future, but the future is already here. Most people cannot imagine lives with no gadgets in their hands. Some designers even installed cellphone chargers inside their bags. How do you see the future design of the woman’s bag? What items will she be holding there?
Giuseppe: Today we are surrounded by technology. I’m addicted to my MacBook and my iPhone, I really couldn’t live without them. But I do not think that technology can influence the design of a bag. If I could, I would love to use technology to create alternative materials to those from animals, but equally luxurious. The luxury market however is still not ready for this kind of concept. Indeed I see that women are increasingly paying attention to details, to the quality of craftsmanship, materials and embellishments. I think that the bag of the future should keep the craftsmanship of the past.
Spy News Magazine: I believe that designing demands some sort of mediation and mind clearness. What is your spiritual practice that helps you to create?
Giuseppe: I do not love quietness, meditation or calmness. My best collections were created in times of great turmoil and creative stimulus: my most successful pieces were always born when I was very stressed. I travel a lot and my house is always full of people. I work closely with my staff, and I’m aware of everything, so it’s very rare to have calm moments. I usually find peace in the simple things or in an afternoon in the silence of my office, but it is very unusual.
Giuseppe Della Badia-spynewsmagazine
Spy News Magazine: Tell us about you latest collection. How do you see the women next spring?
Giuseppe: I really enjoyed creating my latest collection, characterized by fun and super feminine accessories. My inspiration was a trip to Cuba, a city full of charm and passion. I mixed western elements with symbols of the Latin culture, pop graphics and haute couture embroideries. The bags have rich suede fringes or embroideries reminiscing indians headgears. Shoes with chunky heels or super flats are tied at the ankle with long laces and colored tassels. The colors are bright and warm. Crystal eyes, fruits and lips are framed in embroideries with rainbow hues. It’s definitely the collection I enjoy the most so far.