Nowadays, when the variety of the Fashion influences is overwhelming, it is almost a a vital necessity to discover a particular style that brings you a pure aesthetic joy and satisfaction. The style that doesn’t oscillate between androgynous beauty and feministic values. The style that is feminine  and at the same time absolutely modern!

And that is the style of Giuseppe di Morabito, a young Italian designer who is now dressing up the young Hollywood and is really “condemned” to be a star himself! What is so special about this Italian brand? It is offering you particular tailoring elements and featuring the best of the made in Italy special fabrics and sophisticated embroideries.

The girl wearing the Giuseppe di Morabito’s collections is always playing with elegant bizarreness,  from a naughty girl to a refined  business lady! The Giuseppe di Morabito brand takes inspiration from the visual cultures and re-interprets them in a contemporary concept onto the fashion-product. The result is quite airy and refined as you can see! Young female public is going mad for the brand as it allows them to reject the pure classic ideas of femininity yet keeps them elegant at any moment!

Several Fashion bloggers have chosen their way to wear the Giuseppe di Morabito style during the Fashion weeks , and look what we got! From Milano to Paris the Italian style was  carefully captured by the street style photographers and we love this interpretation! Special thanks  to @polina_shalaeva and @accidental_parisienne for capturing @gruzinaolga and @katialav_lamode during the latest Fashion weeks!

Photo: Polina Shalaeva, Anastasia Abramova-Guendel