In life, we don’t possess the ability to control, but we do have the power to embrace. There is security in knowing the blistering sunny days are behind us, and we can hold fast to a brand new season. Winter have now say to summer, ‘lay and rest’, so the unbearable summer heat is no more, the trees sigh in relief and leaves begin to transform before our very eyes and the inevitable cold hands of winter have come upon us.

There is comfort in the seasonality and predictability of winter, its customary arrival is welcome in every home around the world it is that time of the year where we remind our loves one that they still important to us by action and going out of our way to give them gift that will light up their faces.

It is the only times of the year we feel oblige to show and display love, togetherness and care. There is something so freeing about this time of year, the weight of the world seems to slip off our shoulders and allows us to dive deep into the pleasures of the season and the opportunity to show love and to laugh and above all to give somebody something that will write your name in their heart for eternity.

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By Anderson Azugbene