The timeless charm of Marcello Mastroianni and the dandy elegance of Edward VIII that changed the canons of fashion for the English man, continue to inspire the style of the most sophisticated men: gentlemanagers effortlessly jumping from business to social meetings. From an imaginarium filled with references and mannerisms comes the creative language of Ferutdin Zakirov presenting the Fall/Winter Collection 2017-18, a wide and complete collection that was studied down to the finest detail. Each garment represents the luxury of their made in Italy label, handmade by master craftsmen working to breathe life into the stylist’s designs.

From Saville Row to the atmosphere of La Dolce Vita, icons of style and tailoring traditions come together to create a language made of different shades and engaging new ideas. Italian modern elegance awakens the passion for grey tones in their formal interpretation and in casual wear as well, combined with electric blue and shades of light blue. The patterns give a glimpse of light to the depth of these colours. The nonchalance of British formal style in its most relaxed connotation, often encountered at London clubs mixed with gentry references, is reinvented with sophisticated shades of brown, from chocolate to camel, matching the grey selection.

Eccentric and lavishing tones of burgundy, cherry and, in some cases, red and tangerine find their way into the collection with ease. Jacket and suits, available in many refined fabrics,  sweaters and shirts bring new life to shades of grey and brown. The evening is still at the heart of Ferutdin Zakirov’s collections with the timeless smoking allowing only a few and refined stylistic changes.

The accurate cuts and sharp forms defining tailormade garments are enhanced by the selection of precious fabrics featuring some of the most sophisticated patterns. Textures are blurred, almost tridimensional and patterns are barely visible thanks to sophisticated ton-sur-ton colours. Delicate embroidery, jacquard patterns, pied-de-poule motifs, surprising double fabrics create a complex yet harmonious composition, expression of a variety of characters pulled together by a clear creative identity.

The gentlemanager by Ferutdin Zakirov is discovering a charming and classic elegance recast in a contemporary light. Each item is a unique piece with plenty of details enhancing the value and beauty of artisan manufacturing. An exclusive and relaxed style, formal yet never boring, reflecting the multi-faceted personality of an eclectic and extraordinary character.