For more than a hundred years man have been educated on a mass scale on how to dress, most of the male population now have a good command of dressing rules. It took a long while with thousands of fashion guides, finally we become good-looking. Rules, rules and more rules, the rules of dressing have become norm, dullness have become the second name of mens fashion.

It is almost seems no one is bold enough to break that rules and become a new god is the industry even as new gods are being born and worshiped in other fashion sector. When niceness and playing safe becomes boring what can we do? A disruption is urgently needed. Eyelet Milano a new born god in the mens accessory market has just been born and he is being worshiped.

Eyelet Milano_Ebony Limited Edition (1)

Eyelet Milan is a luxury accessory brand that has changed our almost immortal pocket square into a luxury, innovative, new classic piece, the result of two intuitive and creative entrepreneurs who both set out to reinterpret mens accessories into to contemporary aesthetic standards of style and elegance.

The founders have been working on the brands for a decade : “Meticulous attention to detail, the choice of suppliers and the care taken at every stage of production form the signature of an exclusive project that raises the Made in Italy flag as its own.

Eyelet Milano_anelli_IMG_0864

EYELET Milano is the expression of the beautiful view of one detail, because it is the detail that makes the difference. Eyelet and button, usually the protagonists of the shirt cuff, become the unexpected element of a handkerchief for an unusual and original pocket, patented and protected worldwide because of its originality.

Eyelet Milano_Diamonds Collection_FE5B9861These features drive us to promote and believe in a distinctive product for everyday use with a “new classic” look.” The unique and extraordinary materials use in created their patented pieces with jaw dropping attention to details is what makes this brand thick.

Eyelet Milano_Seven Days Collection_FE5B7252

It comes with different editions but the one that swept me off my feet is the “luxury edition, the pocket square from this collection is characterized by real precious stone with 18.carat gold button as the base with diamonds serving as the icing of the cake. Go over to to see their different collections.




by Anderson Azugbene Valentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2