Eye on Fashion Event was first created last September in Milan during Fashion Week. It was organised in oder to support young designers. First time we presented designers from China, Singapore, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. This time we decided to bring the event to LA city where people come chasing their dreams.. This market is very important for fashion designers, and that was one of the reasons we decided to create this event here in one of the most popular among celebrities and fashion crowd hotels Mondrian Hotel.

Stylists, bloggers, digital influencers and young hollywood celebrities came to support the event. Among guests were noticed Pierson Fode, Lilimar, Cree Cicchino, Kamil McFadden, Kara Royster, Harvey Guillen, Cameron Jebo, Rio Mangini,, Gigi Thoennes.

This time Spy News Magazine presented brands from Italy, Russia, Lithuania, France, Australia and USA.

 V2 Italy

The amazing Italian V2 Brand is a combination of fashion and design. Created as a quality clothing design allowing it to stand out in a world. The design combined with the details is unique. With each piece being a one of a kind, the difference in what makes them so great is the close attention to detail.

V2 is for your everyday nautical man. Each piece made is unique and like nothing else out there. This line has started in Italy and has grown to be an international favourite.

The material used to create these one of a kind pieces are top quality and guaranteed it will last a long time. What is great about each piece in the collection is that you can wear the collection as a whole or as individual piece.

V2 is designed for your everyday man no matter what your style is they have something for everyone. Whether it is a casual shirt, jacket to your casual wear shorts.

Russ Ev with actor Pierson Fode
Russ Ev with actor Kamil McFadden


Ryan Ellis

Ryan Ellis is fresh Italian brand started in Italy that specializes in doing leather accessories. From leather bowties, pochettes, bags, wallets, belts, etc. it is design for young people alike.

Ryan Ellis is recognizable for its design and innovation created to make a quality accessory to stand out. Every piece is made in Italy using the best craftsmen and best quality leather. They are dedicated to their work to ensure the satisfaction for every client.

Rio Mangini


RASENA started from Russia, she was featured at Eye on Fashion in Milan for Milan Fashion Week this is where she succeeded to continue her path throughout Europe. RASENA is sold in boutiques in Italy in addition to being presented in showrooms in Milan.

The brand is known for drawing inspiration from different pastimes. Designed for your sophisticated woman she designs pieces that are a blend of elegance and sophistication.

The pieces take you on a journey through where she gets her inspiration and from every detail when you put a RASENA piece on you jump into a timeless moment.

Roberta Cenci

Italian shoe designer from region Marche, region is very famous for shoes. She in unbelievable woman, very creative and have fantastic ideas. We have started our collaboration a month ago, and we see potential for her brand abroad.

Roberta has mastered her shoes collection every season and from every design, colour chosen and the inspiration behind it all she truly has shown her creativity in every shoes she designs.

What is so amazing about Roebrts Cenci’s collections are the bold statements it shares with the world. It is the only accessory you need to make a statement with your outfit. Form business attire to a night out in town Roberta Cenci is the master in a statement shoe.


Undress isn’t your brand where you wear nothing, but the brand that makes you wear it all created from Lithuania. This young and creative brand is famous in Baltic Countries and sold in Europe.

Undress is not just a label, but a label for the powerful woman. Undress has designed its dresses for every woman to wear.“We believe that dress is not only the proof of feminnity, but also an entire object that gives great aesthetic pleasure.” – UNDRESS

When creating these dresses their are the focus on detail and the high quality material used. Designed to be non restrictive it becomes the perfect combination of a casual and an elegant woman. With that every woman is a timeless feminine woman capture in time.


LETO Paris puts a modern twist on men’s accessories and shoes. The simplicity of these have such a bold statement to the men’s outfit. Although very simple, the details in each shoes design and accessory design is perfected to each stitch.

The monochromatic color theme between all really puts this brand in a class of sophistication. Although made as a casual sneaker you can dress these shoes up or down. From your night out to appear on the red carpet or casual day on the office, LETO Paris is made for your everyday fashionable man.


This Italian brand grew from Sicily Island where it  has made a debut at SUPER MILAN, MIPEL MILAN, NEW DELHI FASHION WEEK. 

German top model Gigi Thoennes

The eye popping colors used to design the MONYA GRANA bags is carefully designed to detail crafted to perfection. Monya Grana’s unqiue designs are timeless.

Monya Grana is luxury handbag that ambarkes a times on balconies and facades allowing its presence to be relevant in fashion.

This is, “the ‘ladies bag’, bags of daily elegance, caskets containing all gold culture”. – Monya Grana

Bag’s Hunter  By MG

Founder Marco Giorgetti has created the most innovative bag for everyone. You are guaranteed that every person who first takes a look at this uniquely designed bags they will find a few bags they are a fan of. A bag that is made of vegan leather it is rapidly growing in popularity for celebrities, stylists and world travelers.

Bag Transformer is what they call it. A bad that you are able to unzip and turn completely flat making traveling that much easier and convenient.

Kamil McFadden
Pierson Fode

“Today, practicality is essential. We are always on the move. We move from one place to another, living long lives in a single day. “The bag” is our traveling home, full of who and what we are. It is more than a mere accessory. Its style reflects our life.” – Bag’s Hunter

Actor Cameron Jebo
Alejandro Sangines (NBC Channel) and Rachit Ait


Movitra Spectacles 

Well you remember that cool shades, really attracting attention, plus of the technology that helps to keep your glasses always safe. Movitra Glasses is the newest innovation on glasses where you have to see it to believe it. Designed and made in Italy each glasses made is designed on flexibility, security, and authenticity. With their innovated patented system it gives you a pair of glasses like no one has seen before.

“We started from a common, simple need: the need to protect glasses from knocks and scratches.” – Movitra Glasses

In most cases unless your glasses are in its case if dropped or placed down the wrong way more than likely you will get it scratch. The Movitra Glasses is design to prevent all damages while remaining to be chic and useful for everyone.

Kara Royster



Katya Komarova was born and raised in Russia. Her brand Katya Komarova was launched in 2014 being an Australian brand. She was a successful model traveled around the world before launching the brand and now has participated in Adelaide Fashion Week.

Her unique designs are modern and some would say futuristic. Carefully crafted to be the best designs each time Katya  Komarova shoots for her designs to be stylish, wearable and timeless for every woman. From Russia to Australia you really are able to see the difference in her designs, inspirations and the new life that she is living now.

What is so amazing about Katya Komarova’s designs are the uniqueness, but the hand crafted leather goods using vegetable tanned leather allowing each piece to be 100% degradable when no longer in use. Also every handbags made is stitch free to really capitalize on the life cycle of the products.

Kizzmet Jewellery

Kizzmet Jewelry is your unique jewelry made by hand unique for each person. If you know who celebrity Zendaya is, this jewelry line is her mom’s jewelry brand and her favourite jewelry brand.

Each crystal being different from one another, each design different from one another, you are guaranteed that every piece of jewelry you get from Kizzmet Jewelry is unique for you and your style.

Actor Harvey Giullen

Just like every crystal jewelry line every stone has its meaning behind it and its personal relationship with each person. This jewelry line is made with a passion that allows each piece to lay around the neck almost as if it was made for you.

by Christopher Dela Cruz