One day in 1946, in those hectic months after WWII, in a quiet courtyard at 61A of Via Condotti, a then almost unknown Guglielmo Battistoni founded his original shirt making shop. He was first and foremost a shirt maker, with that hint of the obsessive touch that marks the true artist.

Since then, the name Battistoni has always been associated with extreme elegance and high-end Italian craftsmanship, defining an international – yet exclusive – standard for timeless taste. The store was designed by Minciaroni and Mariani, two architects capable of matching technical installations and furnishing with a rare sensibility. Shortly afterwards, Guglielmo made of that first store – and of a second one opened later nearby – the standard for exquisite taste, contaminating his neighbours, and effortlessly prevailing on all of Via Condotti.

From then on, that small atelier was destined to become a much sought after club for monarchs past and present, for magnates of industry and finance, for aristocrats, legendary actors, artists and for a certain elitist and understated Cafe’ Society. One would not be mistaking when stating that Guglielmo Battistoni was somewhat ‘the inventor’ of  Via Condotti.

Battistoni’s collections mix together tradition and modernity, evergreen elegance and latest trends: the taste of classic, combined with the perfection of tailor-made, is highlighted through a range of fabrics – wool, cashmere with titles from 130’s to 180’s, silk jersey and technical of highest quality – all made exclusively in Italy.