Cettina Bucca succeeds in creating handmade dresses unique in their style thanks to the refined and high quality fabrics she uses. Well-finished wefts and careful manufacturing techniques to accomplish an endless style which melt and colors. She is inspired by the Italian identity and also by courage and generosity which are at the base of our entrepreneurial attitude and job.


Cettina Bucca was born in San Filippo del Mela  in 1959. She fell in love with fashion since when she was a child and she started to draw, paint and realize dresses for her dolls. After finishing the high school humanities she undertook scientific studies and she graduated in Biologic Sciences at the University of Messina. At the same time she took a spiritual path at the Italian School of Naturopathy Science where she studied Floriterapia and at the Antroposophic School of Rudolf Steiner created by Maria Samonà and Giuseppe De Luca. From then, her hidden talent came out and colors become expression of feeling.


Paitings reveal her soul and feelings shift from the creator to the spectators thanks to water. From 2000, Cettina Bucca put this way of life into the creation of clothes which are expression of women feeling and lifestyle.

The first brand, TICCABU’, was created because of her love for fashion and colors and started with the production of hand painted t-shirt. In 2010, the project grew and turned into Cettina Bucca brand. Cettina Bucca has been looked for refined fabrics since when she was young. Every clothe links both old and new style. It is expression of the fabrics retro-soul and it deals with the designer vocational training: different souls which blend to meet fashion.


Cettina Bucca is inspired by fancy and creativity and she has a lot of cultural and artistic interests. Furthermore, she counts on a long-time experience in the psychological feeling field and in the antroposophic science, a know-how that becomes a starting point for new creations. Thanks to her know-how and the self awareness, she succeeds in revealing trends by intuition. Light tricks and soft silhouette to define a charming and elegant woman who expresses her character wearing clothes unique in their style. Silky textures and precious seams to wear, soft shapes which embrace life opportunities and emotions.


Women who wear Cettina Bucca’s are sophisticated, eclectic and dynamic. They don’t care of facing unexpected challenges, everyday is a new amazing adventure. They love nature and its colors from which Cettina Bucca’s collections arise. Past and present are blended together to create and endless and touchable beauty. The style is amazing and charming. The manufacturing technique is harmonious because of the soft and mild style. Different wefts and cuts combine creating a well-balanced twist. Dresses that remember the past and talk about new styles. Different twists that make us travel with imagination.