We are in accord with Anna Wintour in her recent review of Milan Fashion Week SS 2018 when she talked about bringing fashion to a much more emotional sense. She said “fashion should be emotional, fashion should be a dream and fashion should be positive”, according to her, “with that comes with much more connection with the clothes”. This is the best reason to discover and help emerging talents in fashion, have a breath of fresh air in unique designs, so that we can connect with the clothes we wear and feel it as a part of us not just part of our wardrobe.

This season Spy News Magazine in collaboration with Tariel Bisharian Showroom and Russian Day organized its 4th “Emerging Talents” event. It was a statement-making event, with the showcasing of amazing talents in fashion and art.

Tariel Bisharian, Valeria Da Piter (Russian Day), Russ Ev (Spy News Magazine)

With Support from our friends and partners, being passionate about helping our talents grow their business through new ideas, as well as creating a working environment that stimulates people development, we had a successful event that had passionate and important people in the fashion industry.

Local and International Press came to support the Emerging Talents Event, among them Italian TV, Publishing Media from the US, Germany, Scotland, Russia and the UK.  To sum it all up, it was a night where the real stars were the talented emerging designers and the spotlight was on them all through the night. It was a night to remember for them because we know what we gave them will end up changing the cause of their business and career. Let us do the honour to taking you through the brand that we presented.


Clevi Italy

Clevi Italy is a young Italian brand created by beautiful couple Elisa Borboni and Niccolo Brolic in February 2017. Despite all the fears of facing enormous obstacles they took off towards their dreams to create something special. All their products (clothing line, accessories, shoes, lamps and furniture objects) are entirely produced in Italy in limited numbers, since they are the result of high quality process, so each client feels unique. Two dreamers embraced the opportunity to create something really special that touched our hearts and got fashion experts’ attention. We will keep all interesting facts about their journey for later, as designers’ interview is coming out next week. Stay tuned.

Elisa Borboni and Niccolo Brolic

Russ Ev (Spy News Magazine), Elisa Borboni and Jesse Scott (Eminence Magazine US)


Karim Adduchi

Illustrator, painter and fashion designer Karim Adduchi was born in Imzouren, Morocco, in 1988 and moved at the age of five to Barcelona. As it was his first time ever to attend school, but unable to speak Spanish or Catalan, Adduchi turned to drawing as a means of self- expression. Seeing great talent in his drawings, his tutor urged him to attend the Institute of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where Adduchi further developed his art. Drawing inspiration from both the Italian Renaissance and contemporary art, he laid the fundaments for his striking and recognisable style of illustrating.

In 2010 Adduchi moved to Amsterdam to study fashion design at the Gerrit Rietveld in which he graduated last year with a collection called She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings. The striking collection that combined bulbous volumes, traditional Berber arts and crafts and smart tailoring and has fittingly received international press coverage.

During the summer of 2016 Adduchi presented She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door in which he once more confirmed his talent as a designer and showed us the hidden beauty and strength of women. Even though immersed in the young and creative cultural scene in Amsterdam, Adduchi kept to his own ideas and sentiments about fashion and art.


Nana’e’el by Nanaaleo

Nana’e’el by Nanaaleo is an eco-friendly fashion luxury brand created by Ivana Pantaleo, stage name Nanaaleo, eco-friendly fashion designer, actress and performer. She created also the “Clotherapy” project using aromatherapy, chromotherapy and crystal therapy through the clothes. Nana’e’el by Nanaaleo produces high fashion, wedding dresses but also prêt a porter clothes using italian techniques of tailoring and craftsman-ship with natural and biological fabrics colored with ecological and vegetal dyes.

Ivana Pantaleo


Ivana Pantaleo, Merete M.Garthus (Erik Garthus AS, Norway), Carlo Ferrando




Tariel Bisharian, Jesse Scott (Eminence Magazine US), Ivana Pantaleo 

Beauty and elegance but at the same time the awareness of wearing totally natural products without toxic substances, for the benefit of the planet, of society, and your health. The fashion project also provides for the recovery of agricultural traditions such as the cultivation of flax and hemp, dyeing plants and breeding of silkworms to produce cruelty free fabrics made without toxic substances commonly used in the textile process, rediscovering the direct origin between agriculture and fashion.



Gleni is a luxury bag brand that illustrates  the fact that in the age where things are easy thrown away because of bad quality, there is still a place for timeless classic and enduring quality. The bag brand that is proudly and genuinely Made in Italy is on mission to bring high-quality exotic leather bag construction to a new generation of forward-thinking consumers.

Nature, in particular Spring in the woods where the snow has just melted or where the flowers are about to bloom, where the rainbow of flowers is about to arrive, bringing many colours into our life: this is what inspired Gleni in choosing the leather for Spring 2018 collection.

Albania Rosario (Creative Director Fashion Designers Of Latin America, Uptown Fashion Week, US)

Spring is magical, intense, fresh. It is the beginning of something wonderful. We all feel this way during spring, even if it reminds us of different feelings and emotions. Spring is unique, but also different for every person, with their own memories, feelings, thoughts.

Olga Malikova (Stylist) and Ekaterina Miroshina (Gleni, Italy)
Ekaterina Miroshina (Gleni), Tariel Bisharian, Anna De Re (Journalist)

Gleni Spring Collection 2018 is inspired by the moment of transition from grey winter to the season of colours and flowers, that awakens dreams and desires. A rainbow of colours in the precious exotic leather, like crocodile, alligator, python, anaconda and ostrich, that buyers can match to their own view of spring, creating unique and different collections.


Roberta Cenci

The immensely talented Italian designer never fails to amuse us with the way she expresses herself using her unique imagination and her ability to take us through an emotional journey. She explores the different world of California and Japan, she hacked culture by exploiting the ‘counterculture phenomenal’ by highlighting what is common between both worlds which is according to her “forming their own rules by creating and borrowing ideas to find something that was completely unique”.

Roberta Cenci and her beautiful family

The new collection was designed and made with eccentric style to escape from the limits and responsibilities imposed by society, showing its own identity and individuality. The new collection is inspired by a sporty and slim, feminine beauty ideal, ambitious and successful both in the public and in the private, always dressed appropriately. A strong inspiration comes from the 1980s with the return of dry lines, prints, woven fabrics and patch accessories in different colours and shoes with plateau and heel often.

Albania Rosario (Creative Director Fashion Designers Of Latin America, Uptown Fashion Week, US)

A distinctive and individual look taken from western modes with unique touches and wild, an erotic and beauty meaning reinterpreted by, for example, uniforms schoolchildren with long knee socks, light spots in Swarovski stones in colours.


Veronica Sheynina

Veronica Sheynina, a russian artist based in Rome, showcased a series of her works representing the retrospective of her artistic career from 2014 to 2017. The series included some pop-art surrealistic inspired portraits of the early period, a very explicit sexual «Blue series» in which the artist is playing with geometry and eros. «These are very risky works on the borderline of sexuality and vulgarity», – Veronica says.

Veronica Sheynina,  Jesse Scott (Eminence Magazine US)

Recent works included some paintings of 2017 from the «Dolce vita» series, representing the glamorous social life in a bitter caricature way. «As i have been working for many years as fashion journalist and social editor, this series of paintings came up to my mind. The idea was to recreate the glamorous chronicles with a bit of ugliness and a bitter taste», – says the artist.

Veronica Sheynina, Merete M.Garthus (Erik Garthus AS, Norway)

The combination of Art and Fashion was a perfect match. In fact, during the Emerging Talents night the idea of a capsule collection was born with Veronica Sheynina painting prints for the Russian brand Rasena.






Photo by Anna Minaeva

By Anderson Azugbene